2017's Top 10 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss & Nutrition

Our top 10 tips for healthy weight loss & nutrition make losing weight & nutrition choices natural, easy and fun for people who want it all.

2015's Top 10 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss & Nutrition

Healthy weight loss and nutritional eating tips apply to anyone interested in becoming more healthy throughout 2017, and the years beyond! These 10 simple tips for weight loss also make good nutritional sense so we encourage you to starting adopting each tip slowly. 

You'll find the top 10 tips for weight loss and nutrition will help you experience better health & feeling of well-being.

Healthy Weight Loss & Nutrition Tips

  1. When you first feel a pang of hunger, don't reach for the regular sugary carb snack, instead, reach for an 8 oz. glass of clean purified water.  This will suppress the feeling of hunger that's often mistaken when the body really wants water anyway.  Be sure you are drinking lots of clean water throughout the day because the last sign of dehydration is a dry mouth.

  2. At every meal time, stop eating when you are about 80% complete.  It takes the brain about 20 minutes to register food is on the way and this is a great way to control the serving size and still eat well.

  3. When indulging on "evil" foods like desert trays (we all do), don't try to eat them all!  Instead take 1 or 2 samples and really enjoy each without guilt.

  4. Eat lots of fresh fruits between meals and the best time to eat fruit is either 20 minutes before a meal or midway between meals as it help regulate your blood sugar and diminish cravings.

  5. Eat fresh vegetables* with every lunch and evening meal.   When you are selecting the main course always try to avoid mixing proteins (meats) with starches (breads and potatoes).

  6. Limit animal protein consumption to not more than 4-5 servings per week which means some days you should be consuming vegetarian dishes.

  7. Do substitute animal proteins with legumes, but start slowly.  You can use lentils, dry beans and peas and you'd be amazed at just how delicious the recipes are.

  8. Do not drink liquids with your meals.  If you are thirsty, try to have a glass of clean water 10 minutes or so before the meal.  While you are eating, you want your body to be efficient at digesting the foods and absorbing the nutrients you are consuming.  This also helps with natural body cleansing functions & efficiency.

  9. Don't wait till you're starving to eat as this will only encourage binging.  Be sure to have a snack of veggies and a fruit with you between meals and drink water which will help avert feelings of starvation and cravings.

  10. Do overdose on vegetables!   Have 7-10 cups or more a day and look for ways to enjoy them raw like having a good dip.  When you want your veggies cooked, lightly stream them to persevere their essential nutrients.  (This really is a healthy weight loss tip at its best, no one ever gained weight eating too many veggies!)

These top 10 tips for healthy weight loss & nutrition will improve your weight loss program and here are a few more secrets of healthy weight loss that can make it even better.  When you adopt these healthy weight loss & nutrition tips, the new habits you learn and adopt form the basis of an excellent weight maintenance program.  Our top diet & nutrition guide has more ideas ...

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More Tips on Healthy Weight & Nutrition

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