Personal Motivation Coach

Get a personal motivation weight loss coach behind you so healthy weight loss happens. Personal and motivational coaching for women & men

  • works side-by-side with you so you achieve your healthy weight loss goals.
  • teaches you the lessons, shows you how to easily adopt new habits then motivates, inspires and supports you so you will succeed with your weight loss goals.
  • helps you overcome obstacles and succeed at your weight loss program.

With a personal motivation coach, you'll find out you can lose weight and have fun while you do. You'll have someone with a vested interest in your success.  And you learn about nutrition, adopt new habits and learn how to adjust to a new you.

Losing weight can be difficult when you're trying to do it on your own

Let's face it, you'll try...but then with no one to be accountable to other than yourself you slip a day, then two, then before you know it, you're back to your old habits and the weight is too.

It Takes 90 Days To Rewire Your Brain For A New Habit - Let Us Help

A personal motivation coach is exactly what you get when you join our weight loss program. 

Research has shown that when you learn new lessons, then adopt those lessons as actions for just 90 days, your mind will be rewired with the new skills firmly in place.

A 90 day Slimming Club program is designed to help you learn the new skills essential for your ideal body weight and your personal motivation coach delivers the information in a format that is convenient, fun and highly effective.

Your coach will support, guide and motivate you into taking the actions and being accountable to yourself.