Iridology by Clinically Certified Iridologists

An Iridology Assessment by our Clinically Certified Iridologists is a non-invasive study of the iris of each eye to accurately identify conditions of tissues & organs in the body.

Iridology Services

Iridology Services

Our Program Director Diane McLaren is a Clinically Certified Iridologist in Ontario Canada who has been in practice for over 20 years. 

Diane studied Iridology under the personal guidance of the world renowned Iridologist Dr. Bernard Jensen and also offers an Iridology training course. Each of her practitioners are fully qualified.

Certified Iridologist - Diane McLaren

Iridology allows us to conduct rapid general health assessments that assist in the identification of possible weaknesses in the constitution of the body which enables us to be very specific on caring for its nutritional needs.

When dealing with health problems, we'll typically combine the iridology analysis with diet, nutrition, lifestyle and health history assessments to develop a more complete understanding of needs.

Contact us to learn more on how our Iridologists use Iridology during your appointment, we'll answer your questions and clearly outline what you can expect. 

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Iridology accuracy depends on your Iridologist's qualifications & expertise

Iridology Eye Chart

With well over 20 years of practice experience, Clinically Certified Iridologist Diane McLaren (also Registered Nutritionist & Herbalist) and her team of Practitioners offer Iridology as an investigative tool and part of a comprehensive determination of what's needed to heal & restore balance and health. 

Sclerology analysis is an ancient skill that is often part of an iridology assessment ...

Typically, an Iridology Analysis is closely related to assessments of symptoms, nutrient levels and health history in order to complete a comprehensive in-depth evaluation combined with a personalized program recommendations.

Iridology in Canada

While widely paired with health care in Europe, until recently, adoption of the science and interpretation of Iridology results has been slower in Canada though it is gaining respect and interest is growing due to its consistent accuracy when conducted by a Certified Iridologist.

About Iridology Pioneer Dr. Bernard Jenson

Iridology became better known in North America in the 1950s, when Dr. Bernard Jensen began giving classes in his own iridology methods, now a globally recognized standard. This is in direct relationship with P. Johannes Thiel, Eduard Lahn and J Haskell Kritzer.   Dr. Jensen ...

  • insisted on the importance of the body's exposure to toxins and use of natural foods as detoxifiers. 
  • touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients, students & practitioners around the world.

Our Clinically Certified Iridologist Diane McLaren studied Iridology directly under Dr. Bernard Jensen, his work in Nutrition, Iridology and Health Care is legendary. Dr. Jensen's teachings remain seriously embraced by people of all walks of life today.


Iridology Eye Charts & Pictures

Iridology Training Course

If you're interested in learning more about iridology, how Iridology works, how to use it and why iridology can be a significant factor in root-cause assessments, the Iridology training course Level II is available as part of our holistic practitioner training program.

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