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It's Monday, November 20, 2017 and we want you to know there are natural alternatives and effective solutions so you don't have to let lingering health problems puzzle you any longer!  Call for details.

Don't Let You Health Puzzle You!

Alternative Health & Wellness Services

From professionals and executives to busy moms and their children ... people of all ages come to us for a wide variety of reasons; to improve their food & nutrition plan, figure out how to address a lingering health issue naturally, optimize their wellness or safely lose weight to reduce health risks.

Some call only for Iridology Services by an Iridologist ...

We invite you to discover our holistic approach to natural health counselling that gets to the root-cause of issues like fatigue, pain, allergies, weight, IBS/digestive issues, hormonal imbalance & more!

Individualized Solutions

Because of our exclusive holistic approach, programs can naturally address the root causes of weakened immune systems, fatigue, low energy, allergies, migraines, constipation, IBS, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, stress, anxiety,  thyroid/adrenal fatigue, fertility, arthritis, joint pain, PMS, menopause and help conditions like diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and more.

Experts At Helping People Heal

Whatever your reason might be for calling, the Natural Health Practitioners at our wellness centres will act in your best interest.  As iridologists, nutritionists and herbalists, these very talented women are experts at helping people get healthy naturally through comprehensive, nutritionally balanced, herbally powered solutions.  Call for details!

We welcomed out 1st client back in 1994 with genuine concern and respect for people as core values. We are proud of our client's success stories over the years. Reviews & testimonials ...

"When you nourish every cell, tissue & fibre in your body naturally, you can enjoy a more vibrant, healthy, energetic life at any age!" ~ Diane McLaren

Natural Health Solutions

We've helped thousands of people enjoy better health and happiness since 1994. 

Call to learn how our holistic approach can help you enjoy a vibrant, healthy, energetic life too!

One Of Canada's Top Natural Health Practitioners

Diane McLaren CCIR ROHP RNCP is our company founder and her personal story of Healing MS, CFS and Fibromyalgia Naturally over 20 years ago underpins the passion, compassion & methodology of our clinics approach to services today.

We're all about helping people experience safe, effective, results on a wide range of health problems.

Our team of Natural Health Practitioners ...

Diane McLaren - Natural Health Practitioner

"Your doctor won't be upset at you if on your next checkup, you're in better health than the last time!"

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