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Healthy You Naturally Natural Health And Wellness Centres 

Discover wellness centre Nutritionists who are specialists on nutrition, iridology, herbal supplements & natural weight loss solutions that can help you get healthy naturally!

We welcomed our 1st client back in 1994 for an Iridology consultation and are proud of the many success stories & long-term relationships we've built over the years. New for 2015 is the wonderful In.Form Metabolic Age Reduction Workshop program, learn more ...

In the words of our clients: Reviews & testimonials ...

2015 Solutions To Naturally Heal & Promote Long-term Wellness

Our staff of Holistic Health Practitioners are professionally trained Nutritionists, Iridologists, Herbalists and weight loss coaches who provide personalized, comprehensive, nutritionally balanced solutions designed to naturally heal your body and promote long-term wellness.

Solve Health Problems Naturally

We've helped thousands of people since 1994.  Call to learn how our unique approach to nutrition, weight control & natural healing can help you enjoy a more vibrant, healthy, energetic life at any age!

Experts On Weight, Fatigue, Intestinal / Digestive Disorders & Much More

Diane McLaren - Natural Health Practitioner

Diane McLaren is our founder and one of Canada's top Natural Health Practitioners.  Her personal story of healing MS naturally over 20 years ago reflects the guidance, passion, compassion & foundation of our clinics continuing successes today. 

Short video interview with Diane ...

We're all about helping people quickly experience safe, effective, natural results on a wide range of health problems with our herb, nutrition & natural health protocols. We'll help you get healthy naturally on nutrition too!

With over 20 years of client success with thousands of personalized natural health, weight loss & nutrition programs, Diane & her staff can help you get healthy naturally too!

Nutrition, Health & Weight Counselling Services

Get to the root-cause of fatigue, pain, allergies, intestinal, digestive & hormonal health problems to solve them safely and naturally.

In fact, our nutrition & herbal programs can naturally strengthen weakened immune systems, address fatigue, low energy, allergies, migraines, constipation, IBS, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, stress, anxiety,  thyroid/adrenal fatigue, fertility, arthritis, joint pain, PMS, menopause and help less common conditions like diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia & multiple sclerosis. Registered Nutritionists »

Reclaim a vibrant, healthy, symptom free life at any age!

Thank You Diane McLaren

"Thank you for changing our lives!"
   Holly and Ernie, Belleville, ON

    More client testimonials ...

"You can refresh, rehydrate & nourish every cell, tissue & fibre in your body naturally to enjoy remarkably good health at any age!"   ~ HYN Founder, Diane McLaren CCIr, ROHP, RNCP


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