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If you are tired of struggling with lingering health issues no one seems able to solve, we invite you to find out how we've been helping people experience remarkable results since 1994

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Personalized solutions for:

Intestinal-Digestive Problems

Digestive Imbalance

+ IBS, bloating, gas, acid reflux
Hormonal Imbalance Problems

Hormonal Imbalance

+ Fertility & Menopause
Allergies & Inflamation Problems

Allergies & Inflammation

+ Intolerances & immune system
Fatigue & Low Energy

Fatigue & Low Energy

+ High stress, diet & sleep
Unwanted Weight Gain

Pain, Aches & Migraines

+ Arthritis, joint pain, headaches
Premature Aging

Skin & Premature Aging

+ Acne, rashes, female hair loss
Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle

Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle

+ Sub-optimal diet & health habits
Diet, Nutrition & Lifestyle

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We've helped a lot of people solve a lot of health problems naturally!

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Years In Practice

Since 1994 we have had the honour of helping thousands of people of all ages enjoy better health naturally.

Wellness Center Staff

A passionate team dedicated and focused on providing a premium level of individualized care and service.

Years of Experience

HYN Natural Health Practitioners have the training & depth of experience to address health problems naturally.

New Clients last year

Each year ~ 400 new clients discover our remarkably effective natural solutions. Call for details.

Your Source For Knowledgeable Natural Health & Wellness Solutions

We’ve been helping people reclaim their good health and achieve their wellness goals naturally, since 1994

As a client, you are our number one priority. One-on-one programs are individually designed to address your unique health concerns and goals, ensuring you receive the best possible results.

Rest assured that we have a team of expert practitioners standing behind you with one goal in mind, to get you healthy & happy!

Got questions?  We’ll take the time to answer them: (905) 855-3000

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Want for a natural healing solution?

We’ve design personalized solutions for just about everything. Our  proven track record of thousands of happy clients are a result of a unique blend of multi-disciplinary methodologies including Iridology, Nutrition and Herbology.  Our team of talented Natural Health Practitioners are experts at helping clients achieve optimal health and wellness goals beginning with an accurate root-cause analysis.

We are passionately committed to providing comprehensive, nutritionally balanced solutions through personalized programs.

Meet our Natural Health Practitioners ...

Is losing weight your top priority in 2018?

Whether you’ve decided it’s finally time to shed those pounds and are looking to lose weight, or you’re tired of always being sick and tired, we can help you make that journey happen successfully.

As you lose weight on the program, we’ll help you plan and prioritize, teaching you good nutritional habits and easy lifestyle tips that are simple to follow.

Find out more about our incredible Ideal Protein weight loss & lifestyle program today.  Call (905) 855-3000 for details.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss & Lifestyle Program ...

Your body has the amazing ability to naturally realign and heal itself, if you'd just give it some basic attention!
~ Diane McLaren, Founder


Root-Cause Analysis

The iris is an extension of the brain which connects to organs & tissues by way of the nervous system. Over time the iris develops unique identifiable markings used for root-cause analysis.
Professional Iridologists

Natural Healing

Natural Health Solutions

Each of our Natural Health Practitioners is a uniquely educated Iridologist, Nutritionist & Herbalist offering our comprehensive methodology for natural healing & wellness.
Natural Healing Services


Therapeutic Treatment

Reflexology is a natural therapeutic treatment with many body wide healing benefits including targeting improved circulation, relaxation & promotes wonderful stress reduction.
Therapeutic Reflexology

Ideal Protein

Lifestyle Education

An affordable, simple to follow medically developed weight loss program to address weight, reduce long-term health risks, educate on the lifestyle of weight control plus look and feel amazing!
Ideal Protein Program


Continuing Education

Practitioner taught natural health training courses in herbs, iridology, healing therapies, muscle testing, lifestyle assessments, best practices, structures and reflexology certification!
Continuing Education Courses

How long is too long to wait for healing results?

  • Have you been told, there's nothing more we can do?

  • Are your lab reports all in-range normal yet you feel your health is much less than optimal?

  • How many frustrating appointments have you had searching for a solution to a problem no one seems able to solve, or even believe exists?

  • How about your current program, have you faithfully followed it for months, a year, with little or no results?

First of all ...
... it's likely "not all in your head",
and secondly ...
... "we've been there too"!

Call us today and find out how we can help.

We’re here to listen and answer any of your questions. And don’t worry, we won’t ever pressure you into making an immediate decision when it's something you’re not 100% comfortable with.

Our mission is simple – to help people naturally achieve their health goals and experience measurable results with the right program.

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"When you nourish every cell, tissue & fibre in your body naturally, you can enjoy a more vibrant, healthy, energetic life at any age!"
~ Diane McLaren

"Your doctor shouldn't be upset at you if on your next checkup, you're in better health than last time!"