Celebrity Weight Loss Diet Alternative

Is a celebrity weight loss program for you?  

Celebrity Weight Loss Diet Alternative

Celebrities who gain too much weight find far fewer opportunities to work. 

Whether it's pregnancy, lack of exercise or poor diet, the reality is, professional actors and other public persons realize that one of their key assets is appearance and ability to work long hours.

So if a celebrity gains a lot of weight and/or looses their health and then finds they're out of work, there is a lot of pressure to loose the weight and improve their appearance. 

Celebrity Weight Loss Diets Can Be  Dangerous

There are too many examples of celebrities taking extreme and even dangerous measures to loose weight that's very harmful and this page and our business is not about those kinds of weight loss programs.

Radical Celebrity Weight Loss Approach

Given image is so important, it's no wonder movie stars take extensive and expensive steps to lose weight once it's gained and a good example is an actress who's had a baby. 

In order to loose all the weight gained during pregnancy so she can return to her acting roles based on her pre-pregnancy appearance, she'll hire a lot of specialists at costs easily exceeding $10,000 a week, just to loose the weight and get back into shape.  She'll need:

  • Nutritionists to design healthy nutrient rich meal plans
  • Chefs to prepare the food plan
  • A personal coach and possibly a therapist to motivate and inspire
  • Physical fitness trainer to design an aggressive exercise program
  • Perhaps a doctor to monitor for dangerous symptoms or adverse reactions

With this army of high priced specialists assembled to focus for a relatively short period of time on one person, it's no wonder the actress emerges a month or 2 later looking as good as or better then before the pregnancy. 

Of course the objective is to secure a new role so the 10's of thousands spent on the private weight loss team is miniscule compared to the gain of a 7 or 8 figure movie contract.  High motivation indeed.

A Celebrity Diet For The Rest Of Us

If you're like most people, you simply don't have 10's of thousands of dollars for a rapid weight loss program or risks, but perhaps you'd like to find a weight loss program that promoted good health with quick fat loss, that was affordable!

Looking at the example above there are several good lessons we can take from a celebrities approach to weight loss:

1) Consider why you want to loose weight

What's motivating you?  Is it to feel good, look great, live long, address a related health issue, to play with your kids, to attract a mate, etc. 

Whatever your incentive to succeed is, you have to identify 'the' primary reason that will motivate you to keep going and for more people, it is the pleasure and satisfaction you can expect to receive when you achieve your goal(s).

2) How determined you are to do it

Unless you're going to hire a team of specialists, it's going to take some time to achieve your ideal weight.  We can help you with a plan featuring weekly weight loss and you'll get to your goal quickly, without risk.  It only happens if you commit to yourself!

3) Who will support you

Who are your supporters, your coach, the cheerleaders in your weight loss program. 

The stars don't do it alone, and neither should you, so you'll want to identify who will be on your team and ensure they have the knowledge and experience to help you. 

Discover The Ideal Weight Loss Diet

Consider our Nutritionist coached Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program because with that new body, you'll be the celebrity, and we'll help you do it!

Invest just a little in our healthy weight loss program and the gourmet foods with one-on-one coaching so you'll be learning exactly how celebrity weight loss program techniques are applied in a healthy weight loss program! 

We welcome your inquiry.

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