Problem Weight To Healthy Weight

Problem weight does not have to remain a problem so if you believe you have problem weight, we have a program and qualified coaches to safely and quickly help you take control of your body weight.

Problem weight affects over 60% of people in North America due to an over-abundance of nutritionally empty (processed) foods.  Generations of people have forgotten the basics of eating well when it comes to being nutritionally sensible, and our bodies are complaining with conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, pain, head aches plus a long list of symptoms and illnesses.

Problem weight affects everything

Problem weight affects everything

Problem weight will influence how you feel about yourself, how you [think] others feel about you, where you go, what you do and the list goes on.

Problem weight does not have to be a problem when we help you learn how easy healthy weight loss can be.  Turn problem weight into a happy story of healthy weight loss!

Everyone arrives in this world with the same basic skills and needs but we all grow into our unique selves and belief systems through our experiences from family to school, friends, etc.  When you learned to walk, it did not happen immediately, it took time for you to master the skills and you did so by being persistent, not giving up.  Achieving your natural healthy weight requires the same approach.

Healthy Weight Management is a journey, not a destination

If weight is a problem that you would like to solve, you'll have to make a decision to adopt a new approach similar to how you learned to walk or ride a bicycle. In other words, healthy weight management needs to be a journey of small steps toward your ideal healthy body weight and it begins with your conscious decision to want to change, and then taking the correct actions to achieve your ideal body weight.

Once you do achieve your ideal and healthy body weight you are not finished for it is now your new habits that must carry you forward and help your maintain your ideal body weight.  This is one reason why most fad diets and weight loss programs fail to deliver long-term weight loss results

People achieve their goals then revert back to the old habits that caused the weight to be gained in the first place.  We help you learn how to avoid this!

It is very important to adopt an approach that feeds the body and delivers enjoyment and satisfaction with your foods.  With out this, you'll be back to those sugar laden empty calories "foods" and regaining the weight!

What's required for healthy weight loss?

When being overweight becomes a problem, your approach to weight management needs to be divided into two parts.  1) the healthy weight loss phase then 2) the healthy weigh management phase.

Research findings are clear.  To be successful with losing the weight you must consider the kinds of foods you are eating, the frequency and the serving sizes. 

The second element of successful weight management is an increased level of physical activity. As with your food choices, the physical activity must be realistic, be a regular daily activity you like and be a long-term part of your life.

In the end, problem weight can be addressed with healthy weight loss and weight management techniques like watching what you eat and enjoying reasonable levels of exercise on a regular basis. The change must first be within you. You must want to change, then take action to make it happen.

Top 10 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss that helps with problem weight too ...

Turn problem weight into healthy weight

Our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is a powerful doctor developed, nutritionist supervised weight loss method that not only teaches you the how and why of weight gain in your body, it helps you to adopt new habits that support your weight goals. 

Long after you've completed the Ideal Protein Program you'll have the knowledge and skills to follow a healthy weight management program on your own. 

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program can help you achieve your weight goal with out cravings or counting calories yet still be enjoying the gourmet food tastes.  

Find out how to turn problem weight into no problem weight, call now.