Herbalist & Herbal Practitioners

Herbalists & Herbal Practitioners

Our Herbalists & Herbal Practitioners use pure, high potency natural whole herbs as modern herbal medicines combined with nutrition to heal and optimize health.

Since ancient times, herbalists have used herbal medicines from whole plants & carefully selected plant extracts observed to successfully address a symptom or illness.

Those herbalists that over time became proficient at identifying and applying the power of plants were sometimes referred to as the medicine man, now master herbalists or simply herbalists. Our Herbalists apply a herbal therapy through natural whole plant sourced herbs combined with appropriate nutrition disciplines.

International Master Herbalists

Around the world, a Master Herbalist may also refer to the use of herbs as medicinal Botany (a neologism by Dr.K.Seshagirirao, University of Hyderabad, India), medical herbalism, herbal medicine, Herbology, botanical medicine and phytotherapy.

Herbology using herbal medicines is a widespread and traditional medicinal or folk medicine practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts, and their observed effect.

Herbal medicines: healing properties of whole plants

People in all continents have long used hundreds of indigenous plants as herbal therapies for the treatment of various ailments dating back to prehistory. There is evidence that suggests Neanderthals living 60,000 years ago in present-day Iraq used plants for medicinal purpose, and they remain in use today.

The first generally accepted use of plants as herbal therapies or healing agents was depicted in the cave paintings discovered in the Lascaux caves in France, which have been radiocarbon dated to between 13,000 - 25,000 BC. 

In the early tribal communities, and over time, with trial, error and human observation, a small base of knowledge would have been acquired by key people (the first master herbalists) . As this knowledge base expanded over many generations, the specialized role of the master herbalist emerged in varying manners and name across a wide diversity of cultures and continents.

Use of whole plant herbs to address disease

The use of herbs to treat disease is almost universal among non-industrialized societies.  A number of traditions came to dominate the practice of herbal medicine by master herbalists in the Western world at the end of the twentieth century:

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 80 percent of the world population, presently use herbal medicines for some aspect of primary health care.

Herbal therapy and the herbalist in traditional medicine vs. pharmaceuticals

Herbal medicine is a major component in all traditional medicine systems and a common element in Ayurvedic, homeopathic, naturopathic, traditional Chinese medicine, and Native American Indian medicine.  In all cases, herbalists would and do carry forward the learning's of countless generations past.

There are almost 12,000 specific plants identified for their medicinal qualities and they represent about 10% of the planets plant population. 

The modern pharmaceutical approach in utilizing plants is to isolate and extract the single active element from the plant with the object of synthesizing it chemically.  This tends to introduce solutions that suppresses symptoms vs. healing. The drugs are typically a compound chemical substance, that may introduce toxicity the body is unable to process and in many cases can not eliminate leading to complications, typically referred to as side-effects.

Our Master Herbalist

Master Herbalist Diane McLaren

The Program Director and founder of our company of Wellness Centres in Mississauga is Diane McLaren, one of Canada's top Natural Health Practitioners. Diane is a Registered Nutritionist, Certified Iridologist & Herbalist.

As a herbalist in Canada, Diane has studied and used herbal therapies as natural medicines and herb based supplements extensively.

She continues to study herbal therapies & nutritional health applications and when appropriate, uses them in her counselling practice.  Diane and her team are passionate for our clients success.

The video clip is from a conference Diane attended in LA back in 2012.  Today Diane leads a team of highly qualified Natural Health Practitioners trained in her unique natural health care methodology. 

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