Alternative Health Practitioner Training

If you want to start or expand a counselling practice in the alternative health practitioner field, we have the expertise, courses and support to help you!

Alternative Health Practitioner
  • Consider an alternative health practitioner partnership with us if you have a passion in the field of natural health modalities and would like to learn a methodology that is focused on long-term client retention.
  • Study the 'Body Systems' methodology and learn new assessment techniques and skills to build your alternative health practice.
  • Discover a predictive business model that helps you forecast your counselling practice revenues based on your planned activities

For practitioners interested in building an alternative health practice or adding new solutions and revenue sources to an existing practice, we can help you get started and/or grow.

Practitioner training & support

We focus on counselling practice development, training, product knowledge, business development, individual support and have regular webinars, courses and workshops for like minded practitioners, coaches, consultants and just about any business in the natural health field.

Who can benefit in a current practice?

  • Registered RMT's, Chiropractors, Yoga Instructors & Studios
  • Fitness Instructors, Dance studios & Martial Arts Studios
  • Health & Beauty Spas & Hair Salons
  • Nutritionists, Reiki Therapists & Reflexology Therapists

Our natural health courses can build a strong foundation for future success ...

Talk to us about enhancing your practice!