Advanced Herbal Practitioner Course II

The Advanced Herbal Practitioner Course Level II unifies the herbalist approach into a cohesive framework and practice methodology for a wellness practice in Ontario

Holistic Practitioner Training Course Level III

Prerequisite: Herbal Practitioner Course Level I

Students will learn how to integrate pervious coursework into a platform of core assessment skills and best practices to establish the foundation of a modern client centric business practice.

The Advanced Herbal Practitioner Course is for anyone interested in developing a counselling practice based on sound principals and best practices.

Following client focused strategies and natural health and wellness therapies, the material and skills can fit exceptionally well beside most existing complementary and alternative health modalities, or can stand alone.   It is excellent for those planning an in-home practice and scales up easily to a clinic or wellness centre.

The course will deliver a comprehensive framework and address the challenges of developing a personal practice.

What students learn in the course

The course is based on a methodology successfully used every day in our own wellness centres.  It was developed by one of Canada's leading Holistic Health Practitioners (our company founder) based on a body of work, education and thousands of client programs spanning over 20 years.

Through accelerated learning techniques, an immense body of knowledge is effectively transferred to students. The course delivers a natural health services based counselling practice platform that consolidates best practice knowledge and is full of real-world examples and experiences. 

  • Primary technical skills (60%) and client management essentials (40%) help students understand exactly how to establish a foundation for developing a sustainable private practice. 
  • If already in practice with other complementary or alternative modalities, the course expands existing practices with new techniques, services and possible revenue generating opportunities that support long-term client retention and business growth. 
  • Methodologies and best practice lessons focus on client needs assessments, programs, follow-up procedures and result analysis integrated into a framework that delivers high value and positive result for clients. 

Tap into a deep pool of knowledge, experience and wisdom of a professional Natural Health Practitioner who has a passion for sharing the secrets of her practice growth, and client successes.

This course can reduce practice start up mistakes and provides a solid structure that can help the business grow incrementally over time.

Course Scope

Picking up where the Iridology Training Course left off, students study:

  • In-depth study of the framework essential for assessments,
  • Detailed selection and use of the top herbs & nutrition as natural medicines
  • Integrates Eastern philosophies into a modern holistic approach
  • Defines the primary framework of a successful counselling practice
  • Delivers a proven approach, strategy and the tactics of successful client evaluations
  • Covers managing client expectations through to follow-up
  • Explains client retention techniques and strategies
  • Outlines business practice planning and administration

If you want to become a practitioner

You will not learn any of this material in school at any price.  This is why it is so challenging for nutritionist graduates, alternative practitioners or those seeking a career change to align various modalities into a cohesive approach to client programs that reliably generates revenues,

This course delivers a  proven approach.

  • Use the skill-set and build a sustainable counselling practice focused on improving the lives of others through root-cause analysis followed by accurate program recommendations and apply the follow-up disciplines of client retention.
  • Get a unified view of the individual components & elements of holistic programs.
  • Get the essentials of how to run a successful client focused counselling practice. 

If you're planning on becoming a practitioner, consultant, coach or expanding an existing services based practice and want to integrate a proven practice model, the Advance Herbal Practitioner Course will save you a lot of time and money.

Quickly get a return on your investment (ROI).

Go ahead, get inspired ...

So go head, get inspired to start or move your counselling practice forward!  This course is intense, knowledge filled and requires study beyond class time; yet it is fun, motivating and filled with skills and techniques you can put to use immediately. 

You will quickly "get it" and experience countless "ahh haaas" in just 2 days so go head, join us and get inspired!  This fast paced holistic practitioner training course is intense yet fun, motivating, thought provoking and will be with you long after the training ends!

Course Prerequisite: Iridology Practitioner Course Level II ...

Course Fee: $ 397.00

Course Time: 15 Hours + Final Exam for Certificate
Note: Total class time Level I - III is 60 Hours including 8 hours of Level II & III post course practice observation in a clinic setting with consenting clients + Level II Practicum documenting 20 consults & programs + Study & Final Exam. Total:  + 130 Hrs.

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