2017 Natural Health Courses

Discover natural health courses & training classes in herbs, iridology, nutritional healing therapies, muscle testing, assessment techniques & reflexology right here in Ontario!

Natural Health Courses in Ontario

Classroom courses teach essential body system analysis, natural healing therapies, the identification and use of the right herbal products, muscle testing as well as advanced practitioner level training classes in iridology & reflexology certification.

Through our courses, students gain practical knowledge they can use.

While anyone can take our natural health courses and do, students like Nutritionists, RMT's, Acupuncturists, Fitness Coaches and Alternative Practitioners gain valuable knowledge and skills that can launch or expand an existing or planned practice.

We welcome students from across Southern Ontario / Quebec and the USA.  They've earned natural health course certificates that mark their acquired knowledge & skills.

Accelerated Learning Techniques Power Our Natural Health Classroom Courses

Accelerated Learning Techniques
  • Accelerated learning techniques allow us to pack these courses with relevant theory and practical application use examples without the fluff. 
  • Students participate in a fun, interactive and challenging training experience.
  • Courses are based on 20 years of natural health care practice and the methodologies students learn are from a passionate trainer who is an active practitioner, and "walks the talk".
  • Learn the 'Body Systems Method' of root-cause analysis, natural health therapies & prevention.  With this core methodology, student learn why it's so accurate and how to quickly use it for themselves, family ... or to improve their clients progress.
  • Courses progressively integrate analysis, nutrition, herbs, iridology and muscle testing techniques.
  • Classes are kept intentionally small to maximize individual learning.
  • Daily Q&A time deepens student understanding of the material.

These natural health courses empower students with the knowledge and confidence to address a wide range of common issues naturally.

Learn from someone who is using this knowledge every day!

Our 2017 natural health courses ...

Not just training theory, this is best practice

These courses are not abstract textbook theory! 

Each is packed with real examples, students learn what it takes to avoid getting sick, holistic assessment techniques to determine where the body needs attention when it is sick and how to safely address those weaknesses so the body will naturally strengthen and heal.

These natural health courses empower students with the knowledge and confidence to address a wide range of common issues naturally.

Who are natural health training courses for?

  • Nutritionists and other practitioners who want accelerated skills & techniques that can help them improve their client services including yoga, reiki, fitness trainers, massage therapists, reflexologists and people developing their own knowledge based natural health practice.
  • Anyone who wants to live a long, healthy, symptom-free life by understanding how choice, nutrition, herbal therapies, assessment techniques and a holistic approach directly influences their quality of life, abundance and joy of living.

Learn about our 2017 natural health training courses ...