Reflexology Certification Program

Become a Certified Reflexologist in the Ingham Method® of Reflexology recognized globally under the International Institute of Reflexology®

Reflexology Certification Program in Ontario

Prerequisite: Reflexology Training Course Level I ...

The Ingham Method of Reflexology training classes for certification are available near Toronto, in our Mississauga Ontario centre.

The Reflexology Certification Program is fully accredited under the International Institute of Reflexology® and lead by our IIR Certified Instructor Diane McLaren.

The Level I Reflexology Training Course is the first step and a wonderful introduction if studying for personal interests. When you are ready to continue to certification, complete Level II, III, the practicum work and finally the exam to become a Certified Ingham Method Reflexologist. The Reflexology Program outline ...

Reflexology is a popular sought after natural therapy and students can expect to gain the knowledge and hands-on skills essential to building a reflexology practice, or expand an existing practice currently offering complementary health modalities.

Reflexology in History

Reflexology in History

Reflexology has been recognized for its natural healing and relaxation properties since ancient times.  In fact, early records of reflexology date back to Egyptian pharaohs. Reflexologist Image above are inscriptions found in the physician’s tomb at Saqqara.

The translation of the hieroglyphics found there reads as follows: "Don’t hurt me." The practitioner’s reply:- "I shall act so you praise me."

Proven Reflexologists Training Program

Reflexology Foot Chart

Reflexology Today, The Modern Science

Today Reflexology has evolved to become an exciting natural healing and wellness alternative thanks in large part to the pioneering work of Eunice D. Ingham, a Physical Therapist who worked closely with Dr. Riley who was initially fascinated by the concept of Zone Therapy.

Ingham started developing her foot reflex theory in the early 1930's which has since evolved into the highly acclaimed, and formal, Ingham Method® of Reflexology,

The Ingham Method is recognized around the world for the effectiveness of its advanced techniques and natural healing benefits.

The Ingham Reflexology vs. Zone Therapy

Zone Therapy relies solely on the zones to determine area to be worked, whereas the Ingham Method of Reflexology considers the zones as well as the anatomical model to determine the area or areas to be worked.

Reflexology Certification by the International Institute of Reflexology®

No one can top the depth of research, knowledge and experience found within the Ingham Method® of Reflexology. These progressive workshops review the origins of reflexology to the modern standards through the Ingham / Byers works, videos, anatomy and reflexology guides to formulate a practical understanding of the theory and add practical applications to master the skills and techniques. 

Certification Program Outline

Level I Reflexology Training Course:  Introduction (16 hours of classes)

Learn the Ingham Method® of Reflexology techniques to help yourself, your family and friends. The Ingham Method® of Reflexology is a simple, effective method of helping the whole body in a natural way. These reflexology classes consist of theory and practical application where you will learn how to properly apply the Ingham Method® of Reflexology.  Reflexology Training Classes Level I detail ...

Level II Reflexology Training:  Skills refinement (16 hours of classes)

Before moving on to Level III (advanced techniques) you will refresh theory and refine basic techniques making sure that you are doing them properly before the  advanced techniques. Because there is a lot of theory and techniques to learn and master, this workshop may be repeated as often as you wish until you are confident of your skills and understanding of the theory.

Level III Reflexology Advanced: Proficiency  (16 hours of classes)

Level III Reflexology classes move into the more technical aspects of the Ingham Method of Reflexology, skills refinement as well as the related theory.

  • Learn how to assess the feet and hands including anatomy, conditions and functions
  • Advanced techniques and perfecting the basic and relaxing techniques
  • Techniques for working the hands
  • How to give an Ingham Method® of Reflexology Session
  • Preparation for Certification exam / review for Certified members . . . and much more

Pre-certification (152 hours of self-study & application practicum)

Upon completion of Reflexology Level III, the following pre-examination study and documented treatment sessions must be completed:

  • 52 hours of Home study of books, study guide and videos
  • Practicum of 100 hours documented Reflexology sessions on at least 15 people

Scope of Certification Requirements

Following are the requirements and fees for certification under the International Institute of Reflexology.  Fees as of March 1, 2017.

Class Description Hours Fee
Level I Introduction to Reflexology 16 $450
Level II Reflexology Skills Enhancement
(Level II repeated every 24 months to retain certification)
16 $325
Level III Advanced Reflexology 16 $425
Study In-depth self-study of books, guide and videos Min. 52 $0
Practicum Document treatments with at least 15 people 100 $0
Level IV Exam Written, oral and skills demonstration examination for certification
(Exam to be completed within 24 months of Level I)
4 $350
Total (maximum 24 month Level I to IV Certification) 204 $1,555

Reflexology Exam & Certification

The certification exam on the Ingham Method® of Reflexology can be up to 4 hours and consists of a written test on the theory, and a practical skills techniques on an instructor.   The exam can be taken at any time within 24 months of completing Reflexology Level I and completion of all levels, study and practicum requirements. 

Your Reflexologist Certificate is issued by the International Institute of Reflexology upon successful completion for the program. 

Continuing Education and Reflexology

Maintaining your Reflexology Certification with The International Institute of Reflexology requires practitioners to complete a Level II refresher workshop once during each successive 24 month period. 

Ongoing courses that complement a reflexologist such as the herbalist course and the iridology course are available to support those developing and growing a broader client based practice.

Level I Pre-Registration

Pre-registration 30 days in advance is recommended. You pay only for the course you will take.  The Reflexology Certification Program is organized into 4 steps, paid in course segments as you work toward your reflexology certification certificate.

Course Registration

Click "Register Now" for fast/secure registration, class sizes are kept intentionally small to optimize the learning experience for each student.

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DISCLAIMER: Healthy You Naturally, A Div. of LifesGoals Inc. and The International Institute of Reflexology® wish to make it perfectly clear that neither entity purports to teach medical practice in any form; nor is the Ingham Method® of Reflexology intended to replace conventional medical treatment.  Reflexology is a unique modality in the health field.  Its purpose is not to treat or diagnose for any specific medical disorder, but to promote better health and well being in the same way as an exercise or diet program.  Its practice should not be compared to massage or any other kind of manipulative procedure.