Herbal Practitioner Course Level I

The Herbal Practitioner Course teaches a Herbalist's philosophy, body assessment framework and selection of herbs for healing, health & wellness.

Herbalist Training Course Level I

Students completing this course study a herbalists approach to determining body needs, impacts of nutritional healing and the knowledge to correctly identify and select the most appropriate nutrient dense herbs to support healing, health & wellness.

  • Learn a unified view of natural health philosophies and the methodology of the 'Body Systems Method' of nutritional health analysis.
  • Learn what herbs are, their nutritional impacts and study herbalist strategies of using herbs.

Through accelerated learning techniques, students learn how to correctly asses and address a wide range common concerns.

Course Time: 15 Hours + Study

Level I of the practitioner series is the herbalist course that teaches the strategies & assessment techniques for the correct identification, selection and use of herbs, and supportive nutrition.

Healthy living in the 21st Century can be complex, hectic and confusing; yet in just 2 intensive days, The Herbalist Training Course introduces a natural health philosophy, structured knowledge set, methodology & herbal practitioner skills.

This herbal course is great for personal use and is an exceptional starting platform for herbalist practitioner training. Students learn the what, why and how of herbs in an information packed, fun and provocative herbal training course.

Review the Herbalist Course Manual, TOC (137K, pdf) ...

Level I Certificate

Body Systems & Herbology Level I

Essential Herbal Practitioner skills in the use of nutrition & herbs to support good health

Wellness is a proactive choice, it is not passive.

A Herbal Practitioner with tell you that an individual must first want to be healthy, choose how he/she will approach their healing and preventive health then do what it takes to enjoy the many benefits of a long-lasting state of wellness.

The Herbalist Course is a unique 2-day Holistic Health Practitioner developed training program that teaches students in theory and practice what they need to know to get on, and stay on the right path for a lifetime of exceptional health, vitality and wellness using herbs. 

Course graduates will find this practitioner oriented course fits well with a wide range of alternative health modalities and includes a Level I Certificate of Accelerated Studies.

Herbalist Course Impacts

  • Simple day-to-day lifestyle secrets of feeling and looking great
  • How to naturally enhance & optimize everyday quality of living
  • Knowledge and skills to not just survive, but to live a lifetime of excellent health
  • How to build self-confidence and enhance happiness
  • Why symptoms (of illness) happen and how to address them naturally
  • What the hazards to good health are
  • How and why lifestyle choices directly influence health
  • How to assess the quality of health information you're exposed to

Herbalist Course Scope of Study

A comprehensive knowledge set provides students with a powerful new natural health perspective on approaching and dealing with a broad array of today's common health issues through herbs. 

  • Eastern & Western natural health philosophies and holistic healing principles
  • The 'Body Systems Method' of natural health assessments, wellness & maintenance
  • Today's foods and their impacts on the human body
  • Nutritionally dense herbs, their influence and effect on body system functions
  • Why nutrition alone is no longer enough to enjoy optimum levels of health
  • Why symptoms of illness happen to some people and how to address them naturally
  • The truth behind news, advertising, product labeling and branding
  • Herbal Training Course Manual (table of contents 137k, PDF)
  • Level I Certificate of Accelerated Herbalist Studies

You will quickly "get it" and experience countless "ahh haaas" in just 2 days so go head, join us and get inspired!  This fast paced herbalist training course is intense yet fun, motivating, thought provoking and will be with you long after the training ends!

Q. Who is the Herbalist Training Course for?

A. Anyone with a thirst for knowledge, appetite for wellness & love of living!

Students completing the Herbal Practitioner Course acquire a Herbalists essential skills to identify address root-cause conditions across a broad range of daily health needs with confidence.

Nutritionists, RMT's and other Alternative Health Practitioners will find the course is complementary to their existing modalities, and can help their practice & clients achieve better results.

Course Prerequisite: none!  

Course Cost: $459

Bonus: (re-attend any future HYN course for just $99, a great refesher!)

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