Sclerology - Sclera Eye Assessment

Sclerology eye assessments are often part of our general Iridology Assessment

Sclerology - Sclera Assessment (Eyes)

Sclerology is a non-invasive alternative medicine practice in which the sclera of the eye is examined for information about a patient's systemic health. 

As an alternative health modality we typically combine this revealing technique with Iridology Assessments.

Sclerology can be traced back over 1000 years.

The Chinese have used the sclera markings for at least 1000 years.  Chinese medical texts, Secrets of the Bronze Man, written 1046AD in the Song Dynasty dating from 1046AD show drawings of the sclera with some sclera markings. 

Sclerology And Native Americans

The Native Americans also have a long history of using Sclerology though they did not keep or there no longer remains any written evidence.

Sclerology may be defined as the science of the markings in the whites of the eyes that describe conditions of health. 

Sclerology Practitioners are usually Advanced Iridologists

  • To be precise, Sclerology is the study of those markings and colorings in and on the sclera layers vs. the signs within the bulbar sclera conjunctiva membrane.
  • The red lines and other markings and colorings in the whites of the eyes correspond to real conditions in the body.  Their size and shape plus various other aspects and shadings describe health qualities in the body.
  • It shows where the highest stress and congestion are located, the originating causes, how much is emotionally based and how much is physical.

Sclerology is therefore a means of looking into a person's eyes to see what is happening with his/her health, to get a sense of what is most important. 

Alternative health sciences like Sclerology are attracting increased scientific study and some have been studied by western researchers for over 150 years.

The use of Sclerology in wellness assessments

The use of Sclerology is just one of several modalities our practitioners draw upon to assess an individuals needs in terms of developing a personalized program that leads to optimized health and long-term well-being.

We use of Sclerology as part of an  Iridology assessment for solutions always focused on natural healing with measurable results.

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