The Science & Practice of Iridology In Ontario Canada

Iridology in Ontario Canada

Iridology assessments are by our Certified Iridologists & Practitioners who have been active in the science & practice of Iridology for over 20 years are revealing!

Iridology is used globally as a health care assessment modality and is available from Iridologists at our Mississauga wellness centres in the Toronto GTA Ontario area.

Iridology is a non-invasive tool which as part of our comprehensive protocol, helps to accurately pinpoint underlying root causes of symptoms and conditions throughout the body.

  • Iridology can identify the relative health e.g. strengths and weaknesses of tissues & organs. 
  • In a single appointment, our highly trained and Certified Iridologists will conduct a non-invasive analysis of the iris of each eye and provide an accurate report on your relative state of health.
  • To ensure a comprehensive analysis, Iridology is supported by lifestyle, diet, nutrition and medical history assessments.  In this way we provide not only a detailed report of findings, we also provide appropriate to you recommendations.

Iridology Expertise In Canada

Drawing upon extensive training and over 20 years of experience, our Iridologists ensure accuracy of results.  The eyes are an incredibly complex organs well beyond the scope of current technology so we never rely on the more general results of photographs, cameras or software.

For accuracy, our Iridology assessments do not depend on the use of cameras or software because every body is much too complex & physically unique with facial configurations differing dramatically.  For clients remote from us, we can utilize left/right eye macro photos as part of our assessments.

Each Iridology assessment is personal and unique to the individual, interactive in nature and highly educational so you leave with a clear understanding of your state of health and how to address it.

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