Natural Health & Wellness On Your Own Terms

You may have used terms such as mangosteen, vitamin supplements, dietary supplements or natural weight loss, colon cleansing, nutritionist, iridology, Chinese herbs, reflexology to name a few or were referred here by a friend?

If you're looking for natural health supplements, holistic wellness coaching services or just straight answers to support your desire for health and wellness, this is the place for you.

The Choice in Holistic Health Care Has Always Been Yours

Choose your natural health supplements and Natural Beauty Products, even anti aging skin care products  with confidence from our online shop.  Or, select one of the full service Holistic Health Care programs like Wellness Coaching Online that combines flexibility, expert personal assessment, advice, exclusive 6-steps to wellness programs, individual guidance and support.

  • A complete selection of Premium Natural Herbs, Natural Health Supplements and Nutritional Supplements for the long-term health and wellness of you and your family
  • Effective Herbal Remedies for internal care and recovery from pain, inflammation, infections and a wide variety of illness
  • One-on-One Holistic Health Care and Wellness Coaching services to advise, guide and support you
  • Luxurious Natria Natural Beauty Care Products for all your body care needs
  • Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils for all the moods in your life
  • Educational Seminars, the Health Wellness Program and Training Courses
  • Mentoring for those interested in their own work home business opportunity

Read much more about the products and services below for more info.  Let Me Be Your Partner In Natural Health and Wellness Coach

Learn How to Feel Good, Look Great and Live Well

I'll help you to get on the path to natural health and wellness with guidance, recommendations and support so you’ll be and stay your best; inside and out.  


In person, by phone or even over the Internet; you decide what works best for you.

Alternative Health Care On Your Own Terms

You can easily be healthy on your own terms just by choosing a holistic health care product and/or program that suites your needs and sense of urgency.

  • Achieve and maintain your ideal weight through natural weight loss products and our highly successful 90-Day Slimming Clubs programs
  • Address pain & reduce inflammation - build your immune system
  • Accelerate your bodies efficiency through safe and natural body cleansing including colon cleansing and liver cleansing
  • Slow the effects of aging, feel better and improve your personal appearance with our exclusive Natria anti aging natural skin care products
  • restore your energy and vitality
  • Women's Health and Men's Health
  • Improve exercise & injury recovery times

Expand Your Mind Naturally

Natural Health training & education focused on your own interests. We also deliver courses and mentoring for natural health practitioner’s wanting to enhance their skills.

Whether it's  for personal knowledge, to support your clients or grow your business, our courses will expand your mind, naturally.

Learn more about our natural health training courses

I Can Help You Choose The Natural Health Supplements  That Will Rock Your World

At Healthy You Naturally we've been trusted distributors of Natures Sunshine natural health supplements products since 1994 and continue to focus on what has proven to be highly effective over the years. 

Learn more about Healthy You Naturally

Avoid The Marketing Hype

We can help you avoid the here today-gone tomorrow hype of the side-content, greatest marketing campaigns and wonder products.

Proven Track Record

When you select a product from Natures Sunshine, you can have confidence that it has received an extraordinary degree of attention in the raw harvesting stages, through the product manufacturing processes and quality assurance testing before it arrives for your consumption.

NSP Quality, Service and Integrity Since 1972

A simple yet profound approach to marketing its products that lacks the boasting of many of its competitors.  The company remains focused on developing and producing herbal food based products that simply help people get and stay well.

About the Nature's Sunshine Company

Natures Sunshine products have year after year proven to be an innovative, reliable, high quality natural health product line for us.  Natures Sunshine have always focused on quality, service and integrity after founding the encapsulated health food supplements industry.

About Nature's Sunshine Product Quality

You Can Achieve Exceptional Health Naturally

With our care and guidance, you can achieve all your daily vitality, energy, maintenance and prevention needs within our extensive natural health supplement line and counselling services.

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As one of Canada's top Holistic Natural Health Practitioners (a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Master Herbalist & Clinically Certified Iridologist), Diane and her team of practitioners have helped thousands of people successfully address a wide range of problems naturally from her wellness centres in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada).

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