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Since 1972, Nature's Sunshine Products (NSP) has been a world leader in quality herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutritional health supplements standing for uncompromising quality, purity and integrity.

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At Nature's Sunshine,
quality it's not an option – it's an obligation.

Nature's Sunshine Products use only the finest raw materials, gathered in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Orient and boast the largest force of trained Herb Specialists in the world.

It is no wonder NSP herbal vitamins & nutritional supplements continue to outshine the competition after more than 35 years!

Gene Hughes Humble Beginnings of NSP

As a boy, Gene Hughes would often come home from school and smell a pungent aroma even before he stepped into the house. He knew what this meant; his mother was making another one of her garlic sandwiches.

Taking herbs ran in my family”, he says with a smile. Gene learned first hand their nutritional value. Later on, Gene found himself with a nagging stomach condition that just wouldn’t go away.

It was only natural that he took the advice of a neighbor who suggested he take Cayenne pepper (capsicum) to ease his discomfort. It worked! Gene found himself feeling much better.

How Cayenne Pepper Started The Encapsulated Supplements Industry

The only problem was that swallowing a spoonful of cayenne pepper was no easy task. That’s when his wife Kristine suggested the idea of putting the powder into an easy-to-swallow gelatin capsule. A revolutionary idea was born. Gene chose to share what he learned with others and soon enlisted the support of his family, Dick and Pauline Hughes, and Jay and Arva Hughes, to begin a small family business.

Gene, Kristine and Pauline Hughes - Nature's Sunshine Products Company

Today much has been written about the benefits of herbs like Cayenne.

But way back in 1972 when Gene, Kristine and Pauline started encapsulating herbs and selling them to health food stores, they were pioneers in their field.

“Back then, herbs weren’t as well known as they are today,” says Kristine. “We know what it’s like to be on the fringe.

But look at us now: we’re mainstream! Kristine is quick to add though, “Nature’s Sunshine has always been about people. Our creed stresses helping people to help themselves to a healthier, happier life.

"That hasn’t changed.”  Because a legacy of caring and sharing has exemplified the Hughes family business through the years, their Nature's Sunshine family has grown into a worldwide organization.   You might say that the tradition that Gene’s Mother started so long ago has grown to fruition – naturally.

The Nature's Sunshine Product Positioning & Satisfaction Guarantee

Nature’s Sunshine Products have an enviable reputation as being of the highest quality, with consistency of ingredients and proven usage. NSP is rightfully proud of this history and continues to adhere to these very strict standards, delivering the best herbal possible.

This superior standard automatically positions the product as being a premium brand and in affordable pricing, NSP demonstrates value, which means the best solution for your money, but not the cheapest price.

  • "NSP has chosen to deliberately stand apart from the growing mega-mass of ordinary products, which predominantly sell on price."
  • Instead, NSP has chosen a niche market position where its products will stand on their own merit and be chosen by those who value quality of ingredients and results, backed by excellent product information."
  • If for some reason a customer is dissatisfied with any Nature’s Sunshine product NSP will happily provide a full refund, or equal replacement.

Research & Development At NSP

Nature's Sunshines Products Research

NSP leads the industry by making its motto “Quality, Service, Integrity” a way of life. At Nature’s Sunshine, the design of superior products starts with Research and Development (R. & D.).

Superior quality is required from the beginning to the end of product evolution.

NSP’s standard of excellence begins by combining the knowledge, expertise and teamwork of the two major groups within R. & D: Product Development and Methods Development. NSP employs highly trained scientists and technicians in these two groups. Many hold advanced scientific degrees.

Product Development & Health Sciences

Product development begins when the Marketing Department approves a new product idea, and Health Sciences reviews the ingredients for safety and efficacy. R. & D. then develops the product from concept to finish.

This process requires both state-of-the-art technology and scientific expertise. Nature’s Sunshine manufactures capsules, tablets, bulk powders and liquid preparations.


Each finished product must meet exacting criteria to ensure quality and consistency.

Product formulators work diligently to ensure that NSP products look and taste great.

Our goal is to make products natural, without artificial flavours or colours.

Herbs In The Natural Health Products Comes First

  • In the beginning, when Nature’s Sunshine was a kitchen table enterprise, encapsulating herbs by hand was the only method available to Gene, Kristine and Pauline Hughes.
  • Today, even though Nature’s Sunshine employs trained buyers to select only the finest raw materials, the world’s most advanced manufacturing technology still requires careful attention to ensure that each product measures up to NSP’s stringent standards.

NSP is proud to say that its Quality Assurance is never compromised and the commitment to delivering the finest quality product to customers is stronger than ever.

Canada's Leading Independent Distributor of Nature's Sunshine Products

Nature's Sunshine Canada's Leading Independent Distributor

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