Healthy You Naturally (HYN)

Healthy You Naturally (HYN) is an Incorporated Ontario Company of Mississauga wellness centres  near Oakville, Brampton & Etobicoke (Toronto) built on natural health & wellness products and services that has helped a lot of people experience remarkable results naturally since 1994.

Healthy You Naturally (HYN) Company

An Unplanned Journey

Rather that purse a beloved music career, throughout the 1980's our founder was diagnosed with disease after disease and it drastically altered her life's path.

Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and more; in pain, hospitalized, paralyzed and a prognosis of ongoing physical limitations, the outlook was dismal.

Despite following all medical recommendations, there was little sustained success so after a few years, a decision was made to seek alternatives.  In time that decision lead to studies, progress, setbacks, a breakthrough and eventually a healing.  

The experiences and learnings of that journey established the desire to help others and a sustained healing established the framework of our methodology today.

A Passion To Understand & Help Others

To help others avoid what she endured, the company was formally launched in 1994 by Diane McLaren (now one of Canada's leading Natural Health Practitioners) who remains passionately involved with her company, and its many clients.  Today Diane definitely "walks the talk" and has remained symptom free for well over 20 years.

What began as a small home based counselling practice has grown to multiple locations and a highly skilled team.  The principals of premium client care and passion for their positive results remains the cornerstone of its success.

Today the Natural Health Practitioners at our wellness centres use modern natural health care modalities to safely and naturally addressed a wide range of needs, goals and recurring health concerns for people of all ages. 

All too often, people arrive at our wellness centre having exhausted all other avenues of healing.  Fortunately, we have been able to help many.

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Affordable Counselling Services

We provide affordable counselling services to clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area and as distant as UK, France, Panama, the USA, Quebec and Western Canada.  The reach beyond our local wellness centres is entirely based on kind referrals earned through our simple 3 phase approach that has helped so many people experience remarkable results. 

  1. Naturally Repair
  2. Nutritionally Strengthen
  3. Promote Lifestyle Maintenance

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Good Health, a most precious possession

Our quality of health affects everything ... When we feel good we never give it much thought ... when we experience symptoms or illness, we persevere (or ignore) and hope they'll pass.

Sometimes the symptoms or illness doesn't go away, and in fact, for some it becomes an ongoing struggle that disrupts their everyday quality of life.

Too many people are living with symptoms of sub-optimal health believing nothing can be done when in fact, we are helping people every day overcome a wide spectrum of ills naturally.

For over 20 years,  we've helped thousands of people rediscover their good health and get back to enjoying their life, without restriction.  Their Testimonials ...

"You're invited to discover just how effective and rewarding a natural approach to health can be!"  ~ Diane McLaren