Wellness & Natural Health Counselling Services

Personal Health Counselling Services

Natural health counselling services in Mississauga are under the direction of our Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist & Iridologist Diane McLaren

Since 1994, Diane McLaren C.C.Ir., R.O.H.P., R.N.C.P. has been offering wellness counselling and natural health services in the greater Toronto area, and beyond, from her Mississauga Wellness Centre to people seeking effective, natural, health and wellness alternatives.

Offices are conveniently located in Mississauga near Oakville and are easily reached from anywhere in the Toronto metro area; just 5 minutes south of the QEW/Erin Mills exit.

Personal one-on-one health & wellness counselling services include our proven holistic approach methodology, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol, the full line of Nature's Sunshine nutritional & herbal health supplements plus training courses and workshops.

Wellness & health counselling services using natural health modalities

One-on-one natural health and wellness counselling services combine key complementary and alternative modalities that define individualized solutions based on the results of our holistic approach to root-cause analysis & assessment methodology.

Non-invasive natural health modalities may include:

We are Mississauga's leading Holistic & Natural Health Counselling Centre serving Mississauga, Toronto & Ontario Canada.

Nutritionally focused wellness counselling & coaching services are appropriate for women, men (and their children) who want to enjoy the life they live, naturally. 

A wellness counselling methodology that delivers remarkable results

People who have had little success form other approaches have found our holistic approach to natural healing and prevention has provided real answers and realistic solutions that helped them successfully address their health issues.

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