Muscle Testing In Ontario

Muscle testing is classified with alternative medicine as a tool that evaluates chemical, structural and mental aspects of body health naturally

Muscle Testing Ontario

Muscle Testing has wide application and is becoming popularized in leading self development training programs

Using muscle testing with other standard modalities of assessment provides a holistic view of the body's state of balance.

  • A very common term for Applied Kinesiology is Muscle Testing.
  • When used properly, Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing gives excellent feedback on the functional status of the body. 
  • We provide muscle testing training so you can use it in your own life

Muscle Testing & Efferent Response

When Muscle Testing is properly applied and interpreted by an experienced holistic health practitioner, the outcome of a test provides a low risk diagnostic method that helps to help determine the efficacy of a program and therapy for clients. 

  • Science is warming to the long used method of muscle testing which appears to reflect the nervous system's efferent response to the stimulation of gustatory and olfactory nerve receptors by various tested substances.
  • There is considerable evidence in the scientific literature of extensive efferent function throughout the body from stimulation of the gustatory and olfactory receptors. 
  • Your mind has a tremendous influence and impact on all your physical conditions and Muscle Testing harnesses the subconscious mind in testing.

Muscle Testing Goes Main Stream

Muscle Testing is gaining mainstream popularity across a wide variety of applications a non-invasive interactive assessment procedure representing a form of functional biomechanical and functional neurologic evaluation which in simple terms is a like/not like or agree/disagree decision process.

Using Applied Kinesiology Muscle Testing

If you'd like to learn the basics of Muscle Testing for use in everyday life to optimize your choices and clarify your goals in life,  muscle testing training is available

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