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Traditional Chinese Medicine remains as vital today as it did a thousand years ago! 

In the West, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is considered alternative medicine yet for about 2 billion people, it is the primary choice for it's natural healing potential.

The term "TCM" is sometimes used specifically in modern Chinese medicine to refer to the standardized set of theories and practices introduced in the mid-20th century.

Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine - TCM

Much of the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine derived from the same philosophical bases that contributed to the development of Taoist philosophy, and reflects the classical Chinese belief that individual human experiences express causative principles effective in the environment at all scales.

  • Taoism is the English name for a variety of related Chinese religious and philosophical traditions . These traditions influenced East Asia for over two thousand years and some have spread internationally.
  • Taoist propriety and ethics emphasize the Three Jewels of the Tao; love, moderation, humility. Taoist thought focuses on wu wei ("non-action"), spontaneity, humanism, relativism and emptiness.
  • Traditional Chine Medicine (TCM) developed as a form of non-invasive therapeutic intervention (also described as folk medicine or traditional medicine) rooted in ancient belief systems, including traditional religious concepts.
  • Chinese medical practitioners before the 19th century relied on observation, trial and error, which incorporated certain mystical concepts.
  • Like their Western counterparts, doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine had a limited understanding of infection, which predated the discovery of bacteria, viruses (germ theory of disease) and an understanding of cellular structures and organic chemistry.
  • Instead they relied mainly on observation and description on the nature of infections for creating remedies.

5000 Years of Observation & Practical Experience

Based on theories formulated through three millennia of observation and practical experience, a system of procedure was formed to guide a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner in courses of natural treatment and diagnosis.

Unlike other forms of traditional medicine which have largely become extinct, traditional Chinese medicine continues as a distinct branch of modern medical practice, and within China, it is an important part of the public health care system.

In recent decades there has been an effort to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine with scientific medicine. One important component of this work is to use the instrumentation and the methodological tools available via Western medicine to investigate observations and hypotheses made by the Chinese tradition.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is re-surfacing as a viable alternative natural health option due to its long observed and safe natural healing potential. More on Chinese Herbs ...

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