Holistic Health Services

Holistic health care counselling services at the centre include diet, nutrition & lifestyle assessments and programs designed to encourage natural healing.

Holistic Health Services

When it comes to your health, how would your life be different if you found someone who could get you from where you are,  to where you want to be ... naturally? 

Through our exclusive approach to holistic health services, and our proven natural healing methodology, since 1994, thousands of people have learned how they can overcome unresolved issues to enjoy extraordinary long-term health and wellness.

Our holistic health services integrate in-depth assessments with  complementary and alternative health modalities to address health concerns and offer natural healing solutions with the right programs to enhance long-term health and wellness.

Holistic health services identify root causes of symptoms

Through root-cause assessments  & holistic approach to client programs, we re-introduce balance into the body at every level so healing leads to an enduring state of wellness.

  • Personal consultations analyze and identify root causes of symptoms
  • Individualized solutions encourage safe & effective natural healing
  • Programs nutritionally strengthen the body's long-term resistance to aging and illness
  • Integrates the key practical relationships of the human body, mind and spirit

Holistic health care counselling services vs. western medicine ...

Holistic Health Services And The Body Systems Approach

Individualized one-on-one programs are uniquely tailored to your personal needs and goals. 

  • The human body is comprised of 9 primary body systems and similar to modern technologies like a car or the space shuttle, are assembled from separate yet inter-related modules and systems. 
  • None can achieve operational excellence unless all systems are operating efficiently and in unison.  In fact, human body systems are so highly complex, modern science has yet to understand and master the intricacy or completeness of human life.
  • Our holistic health services and exclusive methodology is focused on identifying and strengthening weakened systems to bring about whole body healing & wellness

Holistic Health Services and the Body Systems Approach ...

Complementary & alternative health therapies

Wellness Coach

When one or more body systems loses efficiency, it has a rippling effect on the entire body. 

An analogy is like a pebble thrown into a still pond, eventually the entire pond is impacted by that small pebble. 

  • The complementary & alternative health modalities applied in our programs help assess and address all manner of health issues.  
  • We seek the root-cause of symptoms then recommend the most appropriate and effective solution based on client needs and goals.
  • With the root-cause(s) identified, our holistic health practitioner will recommend an approach that will strengthen your body & lead to improved health.

Then again, a still pond with no means to circulate water will become stagnant, as will the human body in a similar situation resulting in headaches, joint pain, fatigue, low energy and more.  This too is easily addressed naturally.

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