Holistic Services vs. Western Medicine

Compare allopathic to holistic health services

For the majority of common illnesses, Western Medicine's focus tends to be a largely reactive method of treating isolated symptoms (at the germ & gene level) with multiple drugs and/or surgery.  It is well documented that the medications themselves can have serious side-effects, even when taken as directed.  Visits to clinics frequently result in prescriptions that address the symptoms.

Holistic health care services focus on the individuals role in the process and proactively works to identify root causes of symptoms and introduces programs that modify diet, nutrition and lifestyle habits to promote healing and strengthen the body's resistance to illness and disease.

Western Medicine Does Have Its Place

The medical profession is full of competent, well educated and for the most part; concerned health care professionals; the doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff we all interact with from time to time, if only for the annual check up.  And clearly, modern medicine and medical technology has demonstrated an ability to save and improve the lives of accident and seriously ill individuals and for those people, modern medicine has truly been a lifesaver.

But for the majority of people, those coping with ongoing non-life threatening conditions such as colds/flus, weight, fatigue, joint pain, migraines, headaches, IBS, allergies, intestinal/digestive disorders, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Sclerosis or even Type 2 Diabetes, there has been little success with medications alone, except to manage symptoms.

Because many prescription drugs and over the counter medications are generally designed to treat symptoms temporarily, the root cause(s) of the symptoms remain unresolved, so they return.

Holistic Health Care Services

Why are more people choosing holistic health care services?

A common question that brings to light an important element of holistic health services is the focus on an individuals responsibility and accountability to their own personal health and wellness. 

People seeking out a holistic approach to health & wellness do so for 3 primary reasons:

  • They embrace personal responsibility as essential for their own good health
  • They no longer wish to live with and/or constantly suppress recurring symptoms or illnesses that diminish their quality of life and living
  • They have not experienced lasting success through traditional western methods

With holistic health care services, there is a relationship built on trust between a client and their natural health practitioner that is both cooperative and complimentary. 

Through our holistic health services and natural health care counselling methodology, people of all ages and from all walks of life become educated on how they can easily overcome lingering issues and maintain extraordinary long-term health and wellness.

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