Body Systems Approach To Naturally Better Health

The Body System Approach to naturally better health teaches about a community of trillions of cells organized into 9 key body systems.

Body Systems Approach To Natural Health

To better understand the principles of health, we need to realize that the body is a massive community composed of trillions of individual living entities called cells, and that natural health begins with knowing your body systems relationships and function.

Cells are an incredibly complex piece of technology and each one must be provided with a constant supply of oxygen, nutrients, pure water and heat in order to survive.  Waste must be removed, and if the cells are not supported in this manner, they die.

Human Cell Explained

Your body system also has billions of special cells that have special needs 

It would be impractical and impossible in so large a community for each cell to supply its own needs. Hence, cells of the body have specialized tasks.

Different types of cells utilize their unique talents for the good of the whole. For example, some cells are specialized in supplying food to the community (the digestive system), while others are specialized in pumping fresh air into the community and removing stale air (the respiratory system).

These specialized cells not only perform specific duties, they also have specific tasks, and very specific needs.  The structural system, for example, needs more silica and calcium, while the filtering system - the kidneys - requires more potassium.

What happens when body system cells can not perform

If the various specialized cells are not supplied with the correct elements, they cannot perform their specific functions. When this occurs, the whole cell community feels it and we become aware of it through symptoms such as fatigue, pain or headaches.

We call this "dis-ease," meaning, "the lack of ease." (early 14th century middle English)

To Achieve good health, consider your body as a whole, not the sum of its parts

We hope you will come to think of our herbal supplements for body systems as nutrient dense foods for specific needs of the various body systems e.g. a holistic approach, rather than for specific actions in specific needs (an allopathic or western approach).  The body thrives best when approached from a holistic point of view because each of the body systems are inter-dependent on the other for overall well-being.

Although it is possible to divide the human body into countless different parts and tissue types and then to catalogue and name the thousands of incredibly complex and intricate workings of the body, what is needed most in our modern world is an approach that helps us to see ourselves as "whole" again.

The human body cannot and does not exist in pieces. The time has come for us to take care of our bodies as a "whole" again, so that we can once more enjoy that wholeness known as good health, vitality and wellness.

How to approach body system health

Knowing where to start is often the most important part of any approach to great health.  It's hard to determine what is the best approach and simply purchasing some products off the shelf hoping for the "shot gun effect" rarely delivers any degree of success and typically results in waste of hard earned dollars. 

With a blueprint of your health, you'll know which systems to target and which of our quality products will be of most value to you.

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