Complementary Modalities & Therapies

Complementary health modalities &  therapies are growing in popularity due to their success in natural healing and excellent health maintenance

Complementary Health Modalities & Therapies

Complementary health modalities and alternative therapies are typically holistic in nature, this means they involve the whole body rather than one or a collection of individual parts.

Our methodology using these complementary therapies vs. pharmaceuticals takes a whole body approach to achieving balance and typically involves several complementary modalities which differs from the isolated (allopathic) approach common in western medicine.

Globally recognized modalities & therapies


Our natural health and wellness centre's Natural Health Practitioners are trained and specialized in the following alternative health therapies:

It's safe to say that most doctors, despite years of education, receive little in the way of nutrition training.  This is a most fundamental key to good health and our practitioners can help you better understand what your body needs, and how with the right programs.

The body systems approach of natural healing

The human body in comprised of 9 primary body systems and similar to modern technologies like your car or the space shuttle, are assembled from separate yet inter-related modules and systems.  None can achieve operational excellence unless all systems are operating efficiently and in unison.

The fact is, human body systems are highly complex and modern science has yet to understand and master the intricacy of nature

Complementary therapies for a whole body solution.  When one or more body systems loses efficiency, it has a rippling effect on the entire body.  An analogy is like a pebble thrown into a still pond, eventually the entire pond is impacted by that small pebble. 

  • The health modalities applied in our natural healing and wellness programs help assess and/or address all manner of health challenges.  
  • We seek to uncover the root-cause of symptoms then recommend the most appropriate and effective way to address them nutritionally.
  • With the correct root-cause identified, our holistic health practitioners can recommend an approach that will nutritionally strengthen your body and lead to improved health.

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