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High Estrogen Overload Symptoms

Are my symptoms related to high estrogen or estrogen overload?

The answer might be yes so take a moment to consider ...

  • More than 50% of women over 35 years of age have some symptoms of high estrogen overload and experience hormonal imbalances that are much too often incorrectly attributed to estrogen overload.

In fact, many women suffer in silence because they think that their misery is just a normal part of life, the menstrual cycle or menopause. It does not have to be like this!

It is very possible you probably don’t need more estrogen, though you may need more progesterone! If you regularly experience a few of the following symptoms, there is a distinct possibility you may be suffering from high estrogen overload:

Common Symptoms of Estrogen Overload

Mood Swings
Uterine Fibroids
Unexplained Weight Gain
Memory Loss
Hot Flashes
Thinning Hair
Irregular Periods
Breast Tenderness
Low Sex Drive
High Blood Pressure
Facial Hair

These ailments are now so commonplace, many doctors don’t attempt to make the link to the probability of excess estrogen in the body.

Menopause and estrogen levels explained

Menopause is often thought of as a time of declining estrogen, but it is actually common for women to experience surges of abnormally high estrogen levels in the menopausal years, as well as earlier in life.

This misconception has led many millions of women to engage in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to restore lost” estrogen, hoping to address the above list of conditions.  This additional estrogen may only worsen the problem and even set the stage for the development of deadly disease.

Symptoms Of High Estrogen Overload In Women


We are continually bombarded with something called ”xenoestrogens”.

The term “xeno” means foreign and these act on our bodies to produce estrogen overload symptoms.  They’re in our food supply from hormones and pesticides, processed foods, plastics and pharmaceuticals as well as the personal products we use.

“Combined xenoestrogens can have an effect that is 100-1,000 times more potent than the strongest estrogen made in the body.” - Eldred Taylor

“While estrogen production drops about 40% at menopause, women need to be aware that progesterone drops up to 90%, and in some women even more!

Many menopause problems are actually caused by a lack of progesterone

  • “Synthetic progesterone” is not doing any good – the liver changes it in the body. So estrogen rages on, unopposed.” - Tim O’Shea, The Doctor Within

  • Phytoestrogens” are the ideal “weak” estrogen (from plants) that can prevent unwanted xenoestrogens from carrying their harmful message.
  • “Breast cancer now strikes 1 woman in 8, up from 1 woman in 30 in 1960 before HRT was popularized.” ~ Dr. Michael Lam, M.D.

Estrogen & Progesterone ... the dynamic duo of female health

During the menstrual cycle, estrogen must be counterbalanced by another hormone called progesterone. Together, estrogen & progesterone are the dynamic duo of female health.

Studies show that the average woman has more than the amount of estrogen needed to maintain the critical balance with progesterone throughout her lifetime.

The odds are in your favour that even though your body will produce less estrogen as you age, you should still have more than you need.

How to reduce estrogen dominance with your food choices & stress reduction

In fact, you probably don’t need more estrogen, you need more progesterone to restore a healthy balance and keep estrogen’s “pro growth” tendencies in check. 

To start reducing estrogen dominance risks naturally you can:

  • Avoid high-fat and highly processed foods
  • Increase your fibre to 30 grams/day
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Look for enjoyable ways to reduce stress
  • Consume a natural, organic, whole foods diet consisting of raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • Get regular with an exercise program you enjoy

Supplements for women over 40 that provide natural menopause relief

Supplements for women over 40 for natural menopause relief

We've got some excellent natural women's herbal supplements that naturally provide relief from menopause and PMS symptoms. 

These premium herbal supplements for women deal with estrogen dominance, glandular and hormonal imbalances naturally including those unwelcome symptoms of PMS and menopause.

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Supplements for women over 40 that provide natural menopause relief ...

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