Health and Nutrition Counselling Services

Our skilled registered holistic nutritionists can help you enjoy good health naturally through personalized natural health & nutrition counselling services

Natural Health and Nutrition Counselling Services

Good health is not a privilege, you have a natural right and deserve to experience excellent health daily!

We take the time to help you understand why certain nutrition & lifestyle choices over time lead to recurring health concerns, then help you address the symptoms naturally. 

Natural health & nutrition can be a complex topic because we are constantly seeing and hearing messages about do this, don't do that, yet when simplified, it's our everyday nutritional choices in foods, food ingredients and food combinations that shape our heath in so many ways.

Enjoy your health naturally when you learn to make the right nutrition choices

We invite you to experience our unique methodology in nutrition counselling services that can help you better understand why your natural level of health and vitality is not where you want it to be, why you may not be getting the results you want; and what you can do to enjoy better health naturally.

If you need to measurably improve your level of vitality and well-being, put just 90 minutes aside for yourself and call for a consultation. (905) 855-3000

How we made one client very happy with our nutrition counselling services

For many years I struggled with digestive issues.

<When I was younger> My parents could not figure out what was wrong with me. They brought me to several specialists and nothing! Because I had digestive issues, I suffered with other issues specially with constipation.

<As an adult> I had bowel movements once every two weeks.

And by then, I would have been feeling sick, bloated, tired, sluggish and very cranky (not so good for my marriage and my son). There was no help. I then tried many different kinds of laxative like Dulcolax, Cleanse more which helped me go however, I didn't want my body to get use to laxative. And of course, I continued with it to help me out as it was my only relief.

Then I got smarter, and visited a naturopath clinic.

They were able to help me go once to twice a week but it took 3 months to get there. And of course that to me was great help. One Saturday we were over a friend’s house and our other friend was telling us about her son. She was telling us that her son was so constipated that he became very angry, sick and so on.

Long story short, I said wow!! I have that same issue, I can so relate.

She told me that a friend of theirs have been going to this one lady for 17 years and have "cured" all her issues. And FOR SURE, she has helped the boy that had severe constipation issues.

Now, I was hopeful and wanted to meet this "Miracle Lady" as I call her.

Now, when you've tried almost everything and spent all kinds of money, your faith in people goes a bit downhill. Then I met Diane McLaren, a sweet woman that did not look her age, I must add, she was so honest and really wanted to help. I definitely felt that right away and felt different about Diane.

I saw her on Thurs Jan 17 and I started normal bowel movements on Sun Jan 20 and have BEEN going to this day Jan 31, once a day. Of course this is a huge ACCOMPLISHMENT. Now, Diane's goal is 3 times a day!

Now, I have a very, very, very HAPPY BELLY, happy life, happy energetic mornings with no struggle getting up to go to work or play with my son early on the weekends. All thanks to Diane.

Diane you are awesome - THANK YOU!!!

R. Miller
Mississauga ON

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Our nutrition methodology is effective

Nutrition Plans

Nutrition counselling will help you identify, understand and address poor health conditions caused by an imbalance of nutrients, either an excess or deficiency, which in turn, affect bodily functions, cumulatively over time.

  • The first step is to stop guessing.
    Before we make any recommendations, we help you understand what's happening in your body, and why. 

Our nutritionists assess for root-cause conditions contributing to the concerns (and your goals), explain the findings, then recommend an easy to understand and follow program to help your body rebuild and heal, restore your feelings of good health and return you to a more natural state of balance.

Nutrient dense food or colourful, well labeled packages?

Most people these days know good nutrition is an essential part of every living organisms survival yet more and more people are becoming particularly sensitive to the metabolic and physiological responses of the body that's following the modern diet of processed foods. 

The direct impacts on health our food selections & combinations have on our ability to be truly healthy, particularly the abundant nutrient poor, unnatural man-made foods found in most grocery store isles and fast foods restaurants is excessive.  What about diet & nutrition plans in history ...

  • The primarily focus of nutrition counselling is prevention of illness, the inverse of this is to promote exceptional health, vitality and wellness.  A holistic, balanced approach.
  • Nutritionists evaluate the symptoms, diet and lifestyle of people suffering from health disorders and recommend effective ways of naturally addressing a wide spectrum of health conditions.
  • The older you get, the more you begin to feel and understand the importance of balance in life, and quality nutrient rich foods are fundamental to enjoying excellent health.
  • Hypertension, fatigue, allergies, effects of stress, pain, migraines, infertility and obesity are just some of the today's too common health problems that nutritionists successfully work to alleviate.

Nutrition at its most fundamental level involves quality food choices, ingredients and combinations daily as vital and necessary components essential to achieving and maintaining an excellent state of long-term health & well-being.

Diet and nutrition counselling services

Nutrition counselling services will help you experience remarkable results

You can successfully address symptoms of illness, speed up healing, strengthen your resistance to illness and dramatically improve long-term health and well-being. 

Our clients consistently experience remarkable results because we design the right programs, most appropriate to their specific needs.