Immune System Supplements

Immune system supplements support "the defense system" that protect you against illness and these supplements build a strong immune system.

Answering what is the immune system can also address how we think about such conditions as allergies, colds, flu low energy or fatigue for example.  Understanding what the immune system does can help in selecting immune system supplements

While many people want to boost the immune system with immune system supplements after symptoms begin, to be more effective, the immune system needs constant attention all year round and in fact, building a strong immune system should be part of everyone's daily health and wellness program!

The Decline of Nutrients in the Foods We Eat ...

Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. 

But you may ask, how do I prevent and it’s a great question with a short answer, by keeping your immune system strong and healthy so immune system supplements are essential to maintaining a strong immune system.

What is the immune system

To use an analogy  ... the immune system is like a security system in your home, when turned on or armed, the system is continuously monitoring the environment for anything that is out of place, and when an unusual situation is detected, it dispatches the most appropriate defense mechanisms which in the case of the security system could be sirens to scare an intruder away, place a call for the police or notify the fire department to respond.

What is the immune system as paraphrased by one scientist, “... is the sixth sense, it recognizes viruses, bacteria, fungi, microbes, germs, free radicals, mutant cells… and we then have a variety of “ soldiers, each with its own weapons and methods of attack to destroy these invaders.”

What Is The Immune System ...

Strengthening the immune system tends to be an after-thought

When our immune system works well, we rarely take notice.   However, when we get sick, we realize our defenses have weakened and look for ways to boost the immune system. 

  • Certainly antioxidants play a big role in keeping the immune system strong and vital.
  • Immune system supplements directly strengthen the system vs. suppressing the symptoms of a weakened immune system

Signs of a weakened immune system

Today, enlightened thinking is that the aging process is more closely related to the functioning of the immune system than the passage of time.  A weakened immune system results in an increased susceptibility to virtually every type of illness.

Common signs of immune system weakness include:

  • Fatigue & low energy
  • Listlessness
  • Repeated infections
  • Inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Slow wound healing
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Infections that represent an overgrowth e.g. vaginal yeast infections, oral thrush, Candida

Supplements that help strengthen a weakened immune system

A word of caution on products labeled natural ... 

87% of people purchase over the counter supplements - that's the good news.  Did you know that a natural content of just 10% natural content is enough to label a product natural?  In health and beauty products it's just 4%. 

We suggest 100% natural is better value.

Begin strengthening the immune system by getting toxins out of your body!

Tiao He Pak is a gentle 10-day natural herbal colon cleanse & body detoxification program of natural cleansing supplements for women & men.  While toxins are removed by renewed body function, the immune system is strengthened nutritionally.

Tiao He Pak 10-Day herbal cleanse & body detoxification program ...

Zambroza - Immune System Supplement Builds The Defense System

Zambroza is a good tasting liquid formulation replete with xanthones, bioflavonoids and powerful antioxidants. In the body, bioflavonoids enhance vitamin C absorption and help maintain collagen and capillary walls. They also aid in the body’s immune defense system.

  • Enhances the immune system and promotes overall health
  • Enhances and promotes energy
  • Twice the antioxidant potential of its closest competitor

Learn more about Zambroza's powerful antioxidant capabilities ...

HRP-C - Immune System Supplements to Fight Viral Infections

You can fight those nasty viral, bacterial, yeast and chronic infections by strengthening your immune system.  Chinese herbalists would describe this popular combination as a metal-enhancing formula. Nutritionally it supports the immune system.

HPR-C Immune System Supplements ...

Olive Leaf - Immune System Supplements to Fight Infection

The strong antiviral and antibacterial properties of this product will strengthen your immune system.  Olive Leaf Extract specifically enhances the immune system with its powerful neutralizing constituents, without harming beneficial bacteria. Olive Leaf Extract disrupts the growth of bacteria and viruses and also stimulates the activity of important cells in the immune system that fight infection.

Olive Leaf Immune System Supplements ...

IMM-C  - Immune System Supplements for Fatigue

You can address fatigue and repair impaired immune system response.  Nutritionally supports the immune system for optimal immune response.

IMM-C Immune System Supplements ...

The immune system is complex and the immune system supplements above are examples of herbal solutions.  We develop personalized programs for people that want specific results. Holistic health care counselling services can in part, help you build a strong immune system ...

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