The Decline of Nutrients in the Foods We Eat

In this article we examine nutrition and impacts of abundant nutrient poor foods

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Caution: Nutrient Poor Foods Everywhere

  • You grab a quick breakfast on the way to work, it fills you up so no more thought of food, for a while. 
  • By 11am you`ve used up the carbs in the breakfast you had and are hungry, maybe you reach for a snack bar or similar, may be it's a double double coffee to hold you over to lunch.
  • By lunch you have a few minutes so grab something at one of the fast food restaurants.  Freshly fed, you're back to work and fine till later in the afternoon when you begin to feel fatigued and again think about snacking ...
  • Not sure about supper, perhaps some chicken & pasta ...

So far today you've consumed at most 25% of your actual nutrient needs, the day is almost over and if chicken & pasta is actually the evening meal, you will not reach 50% of your daily nutrient needs.  You will however exceed you sodium, fat and carb needs.

While this may not be you, it does describe many people's nutrition plan.  If you're reading labels for calories and ingredients, it is telling you little about the actual nutritional value of the contents, if fact, labels can be very misleading.  The effect of this nutrition plan is a gradual decline in the body`s ability to maintain balance, proper organ function & health.

Good health awareness is becoming a highly valued commodity in today’s world and it can no longer be taken for granted. As the pace of life increases and the quality and nutritional value of our food decreases, there is an epidemic increase in chronic and degenerative diseases. 

Allergies, colds, flues, low energy and fatigue are just the symptoms of low quality foods.

Nutrient Loss In Foods

While we all know that proper nutrition is very important and essential to the proper functioning of our body, consider that by the time you actually consume them:

  • Canned foods can lose up to 94% of their nutrients
  • Frozen foods can lose up to 83% of their nutrients
  • Boxed foods offer little in the way of nutrition
  • Even freshly cooked vegetables can lose up to 50% of their nutrients

Food values today are nowhere near the nutrient quality of those enjoyed just a few generations ago, and under 100 years ago, normal foods were actually packed with nutrients.

Mechanized farming chemically induced in nutrient poor soils as well as highly processed foods combined with convenient access are leading causes of poor nutrition. 

As a result of the decline of nutrients in the foods we eat, it is essential to take steps to supplement our bodies with adequate good quality nutrients; nutrients that are fundamental to ongoing good health and a strong immune system.

Technology’s Influence On Food Nutrient Levels

There are so many examples of technology’s influence on our foods that we have to be realistic and realize what we can, and can not, get from our food supply. 

This includes the fresh whole foods and other food products prepared in advance for us, the packaged products, cans, bags and boxes down the isles of the local grocery store.

Nutrition at the cellular level

Balanced nutrition, with the delivery of much-needed nutrients at a cellular level improves the condition of any disease state, and often addresses all symptoms of illness.

  • Did you know that properly prepared plant seeds are powerhouses of stored nutrients, in concentrations much higher than any other part of the plant?
  • Do you want your foods to be over 90% digestible e.g. beneficial to your body?
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Nutritional health supplement recommendations that can help

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