Flax Hull Lignans Superfood Nutrition

Flax Hull Lignans are considered a Modern Superfood because their biological properties are unique in promoting health & combating diseases.

Flax Hull Lignans

Should Flax Hull Lignans be part of your day?

Since their discovery in 1956, lignans have come under intense scientific scrutiny with numerous studies suggesting they may prevent the development of breast, prostate, colon & other cancers. 

Did you know the Flax Hull Lignans have a wide range of biological properties that make them unique in promoting health and combating various diseases. 

Additional research has shown that they may prevent many types of coronary heart disease, diabetes and promote many other benefits.

  • Flax seeds are by far the richest source of cancer-fighting plant lignans - Beth M. Ley Ph.D
  • An early 1980’s study found: Cancer patients have LOWER levels of lignans than tumour-free controls”
  • An Australian study (Lancet, 1997) suggested “substantial reduction in breast cancer risk among women with high intake of phytoestrogens, particularly lignans.”
  • Denmark-Wahnefried (2001) “men with prostrate issues may experience benefits as a study suggests favourable effect on prostate cancer biology”
  • A Swedish study found decreased PSA after just 6 months
  • A study at U Saskatchewan shows “73% reduction of plaque build-up in the arteries, and also a reduction of total and LDL cholesterol”
  • Studies found “reduced development of Type II diabetes by 80% and Type I diabetes by 73%
  • Another Study shows the positive effects on bone mineral density and to protect against calcium loss
    Reported by Phytotherapy Research in 1995, “pre-treatment with a Lignan-enriched extract was protective against physical exercise-induced muscle damage

Flax in History

Flax has been cultivated for over 7,000 years for a multitude of purposes including wearing it, sleeping on/in it, wrapping mummies and its exceptional medicinal value.  

The Egyptians used its fibre, the Greek physician Dioscorides extolled the flax seeds power for "reducing all inflammation inwardly and outwardly" and Hippocrates encouraged its used for relief of abdominal pains and diarrhea. Charlemagne passed laws requiring the population to consume flax seed “in order to maintain good health”. 

The ancients used flax seeds because they observed its positive medicinal impacts on the human body and modern science is catching up with validation on the immense potential of this plant.  Today we understand a lot more about how whole plant nutrients interact with and are efficiently used by our bodies.

Secrets of Flax Hull Lignans And SDG

Flax is an oilseed that belongs to the genus Linum which contains over 100 annual and perennial species.  Cultivated flax belongs to the species Linum usitatissimum (Latin "most useful or benefactor") of which there are 2 types, one grown for its oil and the other for fibre.  The flax seed itself contains 27 different Lignans (phytonutrients), the main one being secoisolariciresinol diglycoside (SDG). 

Flax hull lignans are found on the fibre hull of the flax seed and they are emerging as a true Superfood (nutrient dense food product) that should be part of anyone’s nutrient and fibre rich diet for good reasons. 

In fact, you would need 100 Tbsp. of flax seeds to equal the lignan content of just 1 Tbsp. of NSP's Flax Hull Lignans.  It’s worth noting that flaxseed oil does not contain appreciable amounts of lignans.

Flax is higher than soy in isoflavone and while soy can interfere with thyroid function, flax has no such problems.

Soya, rye, buckwheat, millet and barley seed yield just 2-6 micrograms of lignans per gram (mcg/g) while Flax seed yields an amazing 800 mcg/g or 400 times more lignans!

Health benefits Of Flax Hull Lignans

  • As a potent antioxidant, it has been shown to enhance immune system functioning
  • Healthy cholesterol maintenance and cardiovascular health
  • Protection against muscle damage in athletes and physical labourers
  • Reduce the effects of estrogen overload by restoring hormonal balance and promoting normal ovulation
  • Overcome symptoms of menopause and a safe alternative to HRT with no risky side effects
  • Cancer fighting and prevention properties
  • Bone mineral density and protection against calcium loss
  • Reduced development of Type II and retarded development of Type I Diabetes
  • Long observed  and prized for its ability to reduce inflammation, abdominal pain and diarrhea
  • Beneficial to the digestive tract by adding bulk which in turns promotes daily regularity

A Nutritional Supplement That Helps

  • 87% of people purchase over the counter health supplements - that's the good news.  Did you know that a natural content of just 10% is enough to label a product natural?  In health and beauty products it's just 4%.  We suggest 100% natural is better value for you.
  • You will recognize value in our level of personal health care service, support and guidance, the high quality of our all natural plant-based products, the broad selection, the convenience of rapid coast to coast home delivery and many years of experience as a professional holistic health practitioner.

Why Choose NSP's Flax Hull Lignans

The scientists at Nature’s Sunshine (NSP) have invested their considerable research and development resources with advanced manufacturing and quality assurance expertise to introduce the finest nutrient dense certified organic food product Flax Hull Lignans. Bulk 150/g 30-day supply.

Compare and you’ll find NSP’s Flax Hull Lignans deliver high value and a unique solution:

  • Use a unique mechanical extraction process that leaves all 27 lignans in the final product whereas many other companies use a chemical extraction process that is less efficient and only retains the SDG
  • Sourced from organically-grown brown flax and it's certified organic
  • Contain 8 – 9% lignans, that's 4-5 times most competitive products
  • GEM – Germination Enhancement Method Germination of seeds is all synchronized so root system is 5 times more extensive therefore creating much more nutrient rich food
  • 52% fibre of flax hulls lignans
  • Economical at up to 30% lower cost than competitive products

Using Flax Hull Lignans Everyday

Just ½ Tbsp. (5/g) daily is all you need though your natural health practitioner may safely suggest more depending on your state of health.

  • Sprinkle on salads and cereals
  • Add to your rice
  • Mix in with your steamed veggies
  • Blend into smoothies like our Ultimate Fruit Smoothie Recipe
  • Add 2 Tbsp. to homemade breads, waffles, pancakes, muffins or other baked goods
  • Retains essential nutrients when used at temperatures under 400F

Flax Hull Lignans SuperFood Supplements

It’s an all natural organic food, it's simple to use, it delivers exceptional health benefits, fits the lifestyle of even the busiest people and is nutritionally economical and a terrific preventative health product.

Buy Flax Hull Lignans SuperFood Supplements

A 30-day supply of Flax Hull Lignans amounts bursting with the natural wholesome goodness of a nutrient rich plant, one your body will recognize and efficiently assimilate as food! 

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