Top 10 New Years Resolutions For 2014 2017

Why It's Never Been About New Year Resolutions

Well it's 2014 2017 and one January a few years ago, I heard something on the radio about making New Year Resolutions that I continue to find very sad and troubling … especially, when I firmly believe, have experienced and witnessed the truth to be something totally different.

I don`t remember the exact words, but it was advice on a popular news radio station citing a magazine article that went something like this …

“Why bother setting a New Years Resolution about losing weight when you know you won’t keep it?

What kind of irresponsible message is that?

If Thomas Edison had followed that advice years ago, we might still be sitting in the dark, much like the author of that question! It took him a few thousand attempts, but he intended the electric light bulb!

  • Lucky for us his attitude was "I discovered a lot of ways that didn't work".
  • What he did was not quit, fine-tuning his approach until he succeeded at what he wanted to do!

While this 2017 New Years article is not focused on resolutions of weight loss, the idea is that if you really want to lose weight, you can do it!  If you want to exercise more, you can do it!  If you want to spend more time with family and friends, you can do it!  What's common to all these goals?
You, and the choices you make!

We all need to filter what we hear in the media

Overreacting, I don't think so!  It's not that the message was about weight loss, its the fact that a public news broadcast (and well read magazine) suggested we not even bother trying to set a goal, to improve ourselves, simply because some study of the day reported their own spin on data! 

  • There are too many studies telling us what to do & I think we should be more critical of learning who is behind the studies and who is funding them!
  • There are too many commercials telling us what to do & think too

So Here's The Top 10 Popular New Years Resolutions

Whether you made a New Years Resolution this year, last year, or not at all, it's likely you can identify with one or more of the top issues on many people's minds.

  1. More time with family and friends
  2. Find time for exercise
  3. Lose weight
  4. Quit smoking
  5. Slow down and enjoy life more
  6. Quit drinking
  7. Get out of debt
  8. Learn something new
  9. Help others
  10. Clear out the clutter

You Are Not Insane, The Same New Years Resolutions Do Appear Every Year

Einstein gave us a wonderful definition of insanity “... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  As long as you change and tweak what you are doing, you have a substantially better chance of success!

  • If something is very important to you then yes, you can and will succeed!

When I want to achieve something because it's important for me, I am a firm believer in “not giving up!”. If something does not work well for me then I change it, I tweak it, I do it again. I do not mind at all trying, doing, changing and tweaking until I get the result I want.

The rewards always far exceed the effort needed to achieve the initial result!

“We should not have to wait until we are sick to be well” - Diane McLaren

My own understanding, belief and absolute certainty is that good health is essential to enjoying a high quality of life. All the money in the world is worthless without good health.

  • One of the reasons I started a natural health & wellness practice was to inspire people to do something about their health before illness strikes.

It is always easier to follow simple prevention based measures that strengthen and sustain the body`s resistance to disease, than to cope with an illness once it arrives.

Since 1994 in natural health care practice, I have seen too many people that wait until they experience the limiting effects of illness. In the beginning they purchased over the counter, then the  stronger prescriptions that better masked the symptoms so they could cope with surviving the day's demands.  It was never the quality of life they envisioned, nor wanted.

Living is so much more than just surviving the day

The digestive problems, migraines and various aches and pains that keep people from favourite activities, the illness that removes them from the workplace and socializing with family and friends, the physical limitations that impede their ability to interact with their children, the list of consequences and impacts of poor health is long.

"You know you won't do it"

Another reason I found the above statement very sad and troubling is the wider implications for the affected person and their family, the long-term effects of not being proactive today.

Looking down the road 10 or 20 years, western society is already seeing today, the early compounded effects of its actions. Once confined to middle-age, high blood pressure, weight, cardio-vascular conditions, diabetes, arteriosclerosis are now widespread and even our youth are not spared. Once rare, allergies, ADD and autism are now accepted as normal occurrences!

If you are over the age of 50 and think back to your friends in grade 1 or 2, allergies, ADD and autism were very rare, today it is sadly quite different. 

  • The media telling us not to bother trying to address it! 
  • Others telling us the aches and pains are just part of the aging process!

Absolute Rubbish ... What did Einstein say?

Let me talk about weight loss as an example because it is such a widespread and pressing issue today.  Even if you're that 4 in 10 who has no weight issues, you likely have a friend or family member who does.

Yes, yes … I know many people have followed so many different diets, to lose so many pounds, only to gain them all back again and sometimes more!

  • Is it just me, or have you noticed that with few exceptions, real success stories e.g. you, a friend or a family member who has enjoyed long-term success with their weight are few and far between?
  • And no, I`m not talking about paid advertisements of before/after where we hear and see the amazing results!  (look at the small print which says it's not typical)
  • So weight remains a growing not declining social problem despite so many options, clearly we need change, tweak and try something different!  

So are you really going to give up your goals?

Of course you are not!

On the other side of the largely failed weight loss books, foods and well advertised weight loss programs are a growing number of people who have been able to successfully get rid of their unwanted weight and keep it off for years!  That is right … for years! 

  • They've learned how to manage their food instead of letting their food manage them!
  • This is not a new concept. Rudolph Ballentine M.D. has promoted this important concept for over 25 years, it remains a crucial one to understand.

Natural Health Care is not mumbo jumbo, when observed results are long lasting

In the early 1980s, I was hospitalized in a state of total right-side head to toe paralysis and eventually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

  • They told me if lucky, I might achieve a 70% recovery.
  • I did not say, oh well, if that's the way it's going to be!
  •  I decided not accept that prognosis without a fight!
  • It took me 10 long years to figure out how to get and stay healthy!
  • I did not do it alone!
  • Read my story of overcoming symptoms of multiple sclerosis naturally ...

I learned a lot about trying different methods, about fear, about failing, about setbacks, about making progress, about hope, about success and from those many personal experiences, I also learned a lot about how the mind directly influences results.

  •  The mind directly influences results both positive, and negative.
  • "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't ... you're right." (H. Ford)

With those personal lessons and later my professional education in Nutrition, Iridology, Herbology and Reflexology, it's formed the basis and methodology of how I have been successfully working with clients for over 19 years.

 Each of us deserve remarkable long-lasting results

The personalized natural health programs I design for people initiate a fundamental, essential and lasting mind-shift, with remarkable results.

  • Personal Health Counselling & Wellness Programs
  • Healthy Weight Loss Programs
  • Lasting results

My team and I would be honoured to support you toward your goal in 2017

If you have questions about natural health or weight programs and/or would like a personalized assessment to find out where your body strengths and weaknesses are, we would be honored to be of service. 

From us to you: Warm & Healthy Regards For An Amazing 2017

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