How To Avoid Failure With Smart Goals

Learn how to recognize and avoid failure by using smart goals and you'll know how to avoid the top reason people fail in life

Everyone fails in their life at some point but successful people constantly set smart goals to avoid the  top reason people don't succeed.  Avoiding failure at anything begins with self awareness.

Top Reason People Do Not Succeed ...

This may not surprise you, but the top reason people don’t succeed in achieving their dreams and goals is that despite the best of intentions, they don’t finish what they start.

Imagine you’ve enrolled in a new course which has a beginning and an end.  Now imagine you’ve worked hard all term, you have completed all the assignments, put in countless hours of study and you are just days away from writing the final exam ….

  • But you never write it. 
  • What do you think the chances of you passing that course are? 
  • Your chances are virtually nil!

You didn’t complete the program.  No matter how much effort you put in during the course, no matter how well you completed the assignments, the fact remains, you will not pass the course because you didn’t complete the final exam.  

Completing what you start is the #1 key to achieving your Smart goals 

In fact, if you often fail to finish what you start, this inability to complete has really become a habit. 

Once an action repeated frequently becomes a habit, it is very hard to change. You will run on auto-pilot and your normal thinking will sound a lot like “I do not like doing this anymore and anyway, I do not think there is much change of being successful.

Every time you start something then part way through begin to think like that, you are feeding that habit which lets you take the easy way out and sets you up to fail at achieving your goal of completing the task.

If you want to be successful at improving your health and wellness, enhancing your financial situation, expanding your skills and knowledge or any task you choose to do, learning to complete what you start is absolutely ESSENTIAL.

Remember the teacher's exploratory teaching goals and the smart goals, read on to find out how most successful people approach their tasks and goals ...

The Habit That Successful People Have: Smart Goals

Most successful people all have integrity.  Integrity in this case simply means that they have developed a trust in themselves and know that when they say they will do something, they do it.

Now, if you say you will do something, but you do not complete or even start it, then you are training your sub-conscious mind to mistrust your commitments which means you are training yourself to fail.  When that happens frequently, it is a habit.

If you want to be successful at small tasks & big goals, you have to trust yourself to do it.  

This is known as the habit of integrity and in simplest terms what that means is if you say you are going to do something, then do it, no matter what, or don’t say you will.  It is that simple.

  • What you repeatedly do becomes a habit, so act with integrity and choose to finish every task you begin as you work toward the bigger goals you have set for yourself. 
  • If it was important enough to start, don’t let the habit of failure let you take the easy way out, finish what you start,  no matter what.
  • This is your life, so the choices you make are yours alone. 
  • If you say you will do something, then do it … or don’t say it in the first place.
  • If you begin something, then finish it… or don’t start at all. 

As a Holistic Health Practitioner and MS survivor, I often use a quote from an unknown author, “You are what you are today because of the choices you made yesterday.”  This simple truth can become the basis of success in your life and all that you say or do.

So how will you avoid failure next time?

  • Choose to do what you say and finish what you start.  You definitely need to build a track-record of self integrity.  
  • If you would like to develop smart goals for your health and wellness, we would be pleased to be of service. 

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