Herbal Remedies And Natural First Aid Tips

Here are the sensible and very natural First Aid Tips and herbal remedies that work naturally for allergies, hay fever, after sun burns, bites, stings, constipation, headaches and more

Herbal Remedies that work all year round but since we spend a lot more time outdoors in the summer months, with a little forethought and planning you can safely enjoy the great outdoors be it your backyard, the cottage or while traveling abroad ... naturally.

DO take precautions when in the sun, use a natural sunscreen liberally, wear a hat and light clothing that covers exposed skin.  But if after taking all the right steps, you somehow overdo it , here are some proven strategies. 

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You'll also find natural remedies for headaches, bug bites, cuts, allergies and more.

Natural remedies for after sun care

It is important to nourish the skin, especially after exposure to sun and outside conditions.

Irish Moss Hand & Body Lotion (#3519-6)

Moisturizes and softens the skin; nourishes and soothes the skin; Penetrates the skin and prevents free radical damage to sun-exposed skin.

Aloe Vera Gel (#1679-2)

Softens and soothes the skin.

Sunburn Soother Herbal Remedy

2 Tbsp. Aloe Vera Gel (1679-2)
1 Tbsp. water
4 drops lavender essential oil (3907-8)
4 drops peppermint essential oil (3910-9)
Combine all, and apply onto sunburned area.  This is cooling, soothing, takes the sting out and helps the skin to heal very nicely!


1.5 oz. purified water
1/2 teaspoon vodka
1 tablespoon Aloe Vera gel (1679-2)
50 drops Lavender (3907-8)
Combine all in a 2 oz. glass spritzer bottle.  Shake before each use.  Keep in refrigerator for extra cooling effect.

Remedies for allergies, stings, bites, poison ivy

In fine warm weather, vegetation is bursting with a rainbow of color aided by numerous insects of all description.  Here are a few tips to reduce the impacts:

Allergies & hay fever remedies

Watery and itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, … are only a few symptoms of seasonal allergies.

  • AL-J extr. (#3166-5) or caps. (#778-8) are natural anti-histamines that supports the respiratory system.
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (#1651-7) or Chewable (#1726-1):  Bioflavonoids act as an anti-histamine; Boosts the immune system

Natural bug repellent rub

3 drops Lavender (3907-8)
4 drops Geranium (3905-3)
3 drops Eucalyptus (3904-9)
2 drops Lemon (3908-2)
1 drop Peppermint (3910-9)
1 drop Clove (3903-1)
Add to 1 oz. carrier oil and apply liberally to skin. Eliminate the lemon if you will be out in the sun.

Bites, Stings & Poison Ivy Solutions

Aloe Vera Gel (#1679-2)  Relieves the itch of insect bites and stings; Soothes irritation from stinging nettles, poison oak and ivy; Reduces pain and swelling; Helps scarring.

Golden Salve (#1698-0): Relieves the itch of insect bites and stings; Natural soothing ointment.

Tei Fu Oil (#1618-7): Add few drops to water in spray bottle as repellent, and to cool the body.

Tea tree Oil (#1618-7): Relieves insect bites; Reduces pain and swelling. 

Tips & remedies for natural first aid

Small cut remedies

Capsicum (#160-5): Quite effective at putting a stop to bleeding from small cuts, nicks and nasty scrapes.  Simply open a capsule and sprinkle contents over bleeding area.

Herbal remedy for headaches

Fenugreek and Thyme (#884-6): For sinus congestion, headaches, fever, coughs, colds, indigestion.

Herbal remedy for asthma & ear aches

Lobelia extr. (#1765-8):  For an acute attack, a few drops in the mouth will relax and put a stop to the spasms.  A few drops in the ears will relieve earaches too.

AL-J extr. (#3166-5) or caps. (#778-8): For ongoing supports of the respiratory system.

“HOLIDAY” Constipation Remedy

Holidays usually have us eating on the go and sometimes this can cause constipation.  Cascara Sagrada (#170-8) si a Herbal Laxative that safely and naturally keeps you and your family regular while on vacation. 

Effective cold, sinus and flu remedies

AL-J extr.(#3166-5) or caps. (#778-8):  Natural anti-histamine; Supports the respiratory system.

HRP-C extr. (#3167-6) or caps. (#937-7): Excellent against virus; Supports the immune system and also good for Swimmer's Ear

Motion sickness remedies

Symptoms include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, pallor, and sweating.

Ginger (#300-6): Very effective, 2 capsules 30 minutes before travel.  Also great for reducing fever in children and adults - break 4 capsules in warn tub water and soak.

Red Raspberry (#560-8): Helpful for nausea.

STR-J (#1087-8): Provides nutrients that must be present to support the nervous system.  The formula contains one of the most favoured herbs of Europe -> Chamomile.

Sleeping away from home

Being away from home can result in disruptive sleep.

HVP (940-8): Excellent and safe sleep enhancer; Produces sounds sleep without side effects; It is not habit forming and leaves you sharp and refreshed come morning.

Perfect for children and adults alike.

Herbal remedies for physical aches & pains

Everflex Cream (3535-6):  Wonderful fast-acting topical pain reliever goes on light, easily absorbed.  Not greasy and does not stain clothing.

Tei Fu Massage Lotion (#1616-2): Relieves tired muscles and joints; leaves skin soft and smooth.

ENERG-V (#859-7): Increases endurance and stamina.
Target Endurance Formula (2811-2): Supports the body systems involved in strenuous activity.

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