Demystifying Body Detoxification & Cleansing

Why do we need a gentle body cleanse and detoxification? One of the body’s natural means of staying healthy is making sure it is cleansed and detoxified, but this can be a challenge.

Gentle Body Detoxification & Cleansing

Basic cleansing & detoxification functions

The colon is designed to take the “garbage” out and the liver to act as a filter and clearing house for all unabsorbed materials.  They are your essential cleansing organs! 

The colon and liver can become overloaded by eating too much, or ingesting too heavy a load of foods containing chemicals/toxins (i.e. pesticides, herbicides, preservatives, flavorings …) and processed foods built on sugars, fats and grains which do not contain the nutrients necessary for them to do their work. 

And what about our blood which circulates many times/day picking up these toxins and depositing them along the way into already weakened organs? The circulatory system can not be ignored.

This is why our body needs a “cleansing tune up”, aka body cleanse & detoxification; especially after these long winter months or periods of prolonged processed and fast food indulgence.

Gentle cleanse & detoxification really is better

In order to be beneficial in the short and long run, a body cleanse and detoxification has to be done in a safe manner, carefully, not blindly.  Here are a few points to consider.  Often nicknamed “liver or colon cleanse”, a proper body cleanse and detoxification may also address other organs such as the digestive, glandular and circulatory.  Your practitioner can recommend the body cleanse most appropriate for your unique body type.

Even when concentrating on a certain part of the body, it is extremely important that a body cleanse be balanced; so it is more a “holistic or whole body tune up” with balancing emphasis on specific organs. 

The same way you would not just clean the windows in the living room, but throughout the whole house.

What will detoxification do

It is very important to understand that the colon has to be in good working order (2-3 BM/d), before the liver can be effectively and properly cleansed.  Many of our digestive/intestinal formulas (including both programs featured on this website) start working on the liver gradually, which is preferable to a harsh liver cleanse. 

Note:  in order to lose and maintain weight, the liver, colon and other digestive/intestinal organs have to be clean and functioning well. 

This is where a herbal detoxification and cleansing product will invigorate the organs and help the body better process food nutrients and eliminate the waste and toxins it is unable to process.

The result is a reduction or elimination of symptoms like head aches, pain, fatigue and so on.

Are you ready to get that junk out?

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