Blood Sugar Rollercoaster Dangers

The blood sugar roller coaster makes beating the sugar monkey hard, but you can do it if you know why it is a health risk, dangerous and what to do about it

When hungry, our body notices lower blood sugar levels and signals its need for nutrients and energy, one way we have come to get energy into the body is by eating a quick sugar (carb)snack but it is a health risk because it is something many people do every day!  

When we satisfy our hunger by eating sugar, which is essentially a stripped carbohydrate and empty calories, our hunger symptoms are temporarily subdued.

It Takes Nutrients To Process A Sugar Snack

However, in order for the body to process that sugar snack, it requires nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats. Because the body will have to use Store d nutrients to process the new sugars which give no nutrients in return, we are creating a nutrient debt which over time gradually reduces our body’s ability to fend off illness and disease.

For this reason, diets high in refined carbohydrates (refined sugar) are usually low in vitamins, minerals, and fibre; and foods with white flour, white sugar, and white rice are lacking in the B vitamins and other nutrients. 

  • Excessive consumption of these foods will perpetuate any vitamin B deficiency an individual may already have. 

Indigestion - heartburn - nausea

If the B vitamins are absent, carbohydrate combustion cannot take place, and indigestion, symptoms of heartburn, and nausea can result.  Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, anemia, kidney disorders, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, syndrome X and cancer can all be linked to an overabundance of refined carbohydrate foods in the diet.

  • The rollercoaster ride begins when sugar is ingested, it is absorbed quickly and delivers a sudden burst of energy but just 60 minutes later we have an equivalent drop in energy. 
  • After the high, the drop in energy creates a cycle where we want more sugar for more energy and continues with more cravings, growing nutrient deficiencies, insulin resistance, etc.
  • Regular heavy intake of stripped carbohydrates results in a gradual body system breakdown and recurring and/or prolonged illness.

Beating the sugar monkey

With just a little effort and discipline to get started, the internal body systems can easily be re-balanced to a point where, when the body is getting all its nutrients, vitamins, minerals sugar cravings will disappear.

  • Consume easily and quickly digestible plant-based foods and supporting nutritional supplements, you’ll be acquiring natural sugars in “normal amounts” and your body won’t crave sugar and as a bonus you'll feel better too.
  • Getting back to a balanced state does take a bit of time and its important to recognize that hunger cravings are simply an alarm signal that your body is out of balance, lacking something, or has too much of something. 
  • Sugar consumption should be from our live foods such as fresh fruits, fresh beets or from more natural sugars sources such as unrefined cane sugar Sucanat, pure maple syrup, unpasteurized honey, stevia but always in moderation.

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