Top 10 Tips To Survive The Holiday Season Intact

Top 10 Tips To Survive The Holiday Season Intact

The holiday season is typically a challenge nutritionally with all the goodies, so use these top 10 tips that will help you survive and enjoy, without guilt

OK, you know surviving the holiday season can be a challenge and you want to enjoy it without guilt.  Visits with family, friends, the parties, the big meals, the shopping and a seemly endless array of treats that can challenge you wherever you go.

Relax, if follow these top 10 tips for surviving the holidays intact you'll still get to enjoy all the treats and not only feel better at the end of every day, you'll arrive in the new year with fewer extra pounds.

Top 10 (Food) Tips To Survive The Holiday Season

  1. Make sure you have water/chlorophyll water with you at all times … when shopping, doing errand's, etc.
  2. Bring your own snacks when shopping and running around – (favorite fresh fruits and raw nuts & seeds)
  3. Do not skip a meal and that includes a wholesome breakfast
  4. Never arrive at a party hungry
  5. Use a smaller plate when you are at a party or function and eat very slowly
  6. Start with the vegetables and salads first and fill your plate with generous portions of these, then sample the other foods
  7. Remember food combining is one of the greatest secrets …  choose vegetables and meat/protein  or choose vegetables and starches (bread, pasta, rice)
  8. Choose what “little evils” you will have for that meal … is it bread? Is it sweet? Is it alcohol?
  9. Remember you do not have to finish your plate!
  10. Have a plan, stick to it and you will feel much better – in fact you will very proud of yourself and feel great!

Enjoy your holiday season without guilt and of course avoid drinking and driving always!

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