10 Hot Tips To Keep Romance Alive After Baby Arrives

10 Hot Tips To Keep Romance Alive

Baby has arrived and it's a wonderful time but many wonder how romance survives after kids so here's 10 hot tips guaranteed to keep the romance alive

Baby has finally arrived and the newest member of the family is about to reign supreme!  It’s natural for baby to become mom’s top priority; after all, he or she is totally dependent for all their care and nurturing needs.  

The problem is, frequent feedings, diapers, laundry, baths, playtime, story time, regular family chores and so on are physical and emotional responsibilities can become overwhelming, even when dad plays a significant role.  For many moms, the results tend to be a lost interest in herself, romance, sex and a distancing from her adult life.

Being a good mom takes a lot of effort so it’s not surprising that many moms wonder how to find a balance between the needs of the children, the needs of herself as a woman and keeping the spontaneity and romance alive and well in her relationship. 

The good news is that if you have ever wondered how you can do that, you are already well on your way to enjoying balance in your life because the simple act of realization is the very first step.  It is natural and actually very healthy to seek equilibrium in seeing to your child’s needs while allowing time for yourself and your relationship.

After all, if you do not pay attention to your relationship with each member of the family, how can there be a family?

To love, you have to love yourself first which is fundamental to raising emotionally well adjusted children and enjoying your adult life as a woman, wife and lover.

Make everyday moments count, even when in the beginning they are infrequent, short or interrupted.  You are going to be woken up in the middle of the night, you will have to change a diaper at the most inappropriate time and tears need attention.  Between these events, steal moments for yourself and with your partner then make them special.

10 Hot Tips Guaranteed To Keep The Romance Alive

  1. Surprise: Your partner gets home from work at 7pm most days so today; you send him a sexy email “Hun, I can’t wait to see you tonight!  I went “that shop” today and when you get home tonight, I’ll have the baby settled, a candle lit supper ready and the best desert ever!” 
  2. Moments: Baby usually awakens about 7am, you are both normally up at 6:30am but today, you set the clock ahead 10 minutes early and quietly cuddle up to your partner till the snooze alarm rings.
  3. Rest: Caring for baby can be exhausting so be sure you take naps too!  You’ll have better energy and be more inclined at having some fun later in the evening when baby is finally settled.
  4. Breaks: Your mom or a trusted friend/family member can be invaluable in helping you find a little time for yourself so after calling, drop the little one off for an hour or so and visit a favourite spa for a little pampering, exercise, visit a friend or just go to the park and relax with a good book.  Grandma will love the opportunity and you’ll feel refreshed after your break.
  5. Exercise: It can take up to a year for the body to normalize following childbirth and it is common for women to feel less sexy having gone through the massive physical and hormonal changes but don’t despair, your partner loves you and wants to be with you.  Put a little focus on getting back into (or starting) a regular exercise routine at home with baby.  You can make it fun for baby by talking and singing to him/her while you exercise and they’ll probably permit you 20 minutes at a time.   Twice a day and you’ll be feeling & looking like your old self fast!
  6. Stay Connected: Hold hands even when navigating with the stroller and offer up hugs when they are least expected.  
  7. Flirt: You probably did before baby (and marriage) and it worked so make it a priority after baby.  Whether you are watching TV or doing chores around the house, offering an engaging remark, appraising glance or body “accidentally” brushed will fuel the fire for both of you.
  8. Advertise: Take a sexy photo and send it to him saying you can’t wait till he gets home tonight!
    Make A Date: Time is always short but with a little planning, you can make arrangements then invite him on a date and take him out to a favourite restaurant.
  9. Use your imagination:  You might find an hour or just 5 minutes, but whatever the time, find a way to make it special, sex will not always be the result, but intimacy and shared experiences will build and nurture your relationship.
  10. Enjoy baby and have confidence: As you invest in yourself and your relationship with your partner, you are sharing the ultimate gift of love, confidence and understanding with your child.

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