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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Mississauga
  • Want to lose weight in 2017?
  • Want to understand how to avoid regaining it too?
  • Want a coach interested in you, not what you spend?
  • Want a clinic with over 20+ years of client experience?

We want to help you achieve your weight loss, lifestyle and health goals quickly, and safely!

The Ideal Protein Medically Based Protocol can help you safely lose weight rather quickly. Under the care of our expert Registered Nutritionists, as you're losing weight ,we help you (re)learn and practice healthy habits of long-term weight maintenance.

Research has confirmed that weight loss can reduce a number of health risks and as you follow the program, you will learn to make choices that can help you be in better control of your body weight.

With parents approval and support, we help teens too!

If you are into sports/exercise, we can easily configure the protocol to help you reduce fat related weight while preserving lean tissue.   Vegetarian friendly too!

Get the facts & take control of your weight in 2017
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  • No Limitations On Long-term Coaching Support!
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Diets And The Worry Of Regaining Weight

Ideal Diet Weight Maintenance

What usually happens after most weight loss diets? 

Over the years, our clients have told us time and again, one of their biggest fears is regaining the weight. If that's important to you, you'll want to know that throughout your program, we focus on helping you better understand how food combinations, nutrition and lifestyle choices affect your body weight, energy and wellness.  You will learn and practice weight maintenance as you lose the weight!

With a much improved understanding of the effects healthy eating and lifestyle choices have, you'll know how to make better choices and still have fun with food. You'll also learn we'll always be here for you.

The Coaching Experience, Skills & Passion To Help You

You reaching your goal(s) really matters to us! Healthy You Naturally Wellness Centres have the experienced Natural Health Practitioners who have been successfully helping people reach their weight and health goals for over 20 years!


Ideal Protein Coach Sonia

With a Major in Fine Arts and Art History from McMaster and intense passion for ongoing learning in the natural health field, Sonia is a highly qualified Nutritionist, Iridologist, Herbalist. Her amazing passion & energy to help people experience measurable results naturally is why our clients achieve their weight and health goals.


Ideal Protein Coach Milena

With an Advanced Aesthetics Master Program combined with an Applied Holistic Nutrition Program, Milena is a skilled Nutritionist & Coach specialized in helping people lose weight effectively. She is highly focused on sharing the motivation, support and nutritional knowledge that helps our clients maintain their weight.


Ideal Protein Coach Diane

A respected Nutritionist, Iridologist and Herbalist since 1994, Diane shares her most extraordinary skills, experience, knowledge and commitment to our clients. With a comprehensive approach to personalized programs, she focuses on helping people improve their health and focus on prevention for long-term wellness.