Can I Lose Weight Without Exercise & Workouts

When asked, "Can I lose weight without exercise?"; the answer is yes but ...

Can I lose weight without exercise

Wondering if you can lose weight without exercise? It's important to begin by considering what the body's basic sources of energy are, and there are only 3:

  1. What we put in our mouth
  2. Our lean tissues (muscle)
  3. Our fat cells

Most people know excess weight impacts their health negatively, and many realize we're born with our fat cells and will leave this life with them all.  It's what we store in those fat cells that impacts body weight. 

For real weight loss to occur, ideally we'd want to go to our fat cells as a primary calorie burning energy source, but it's not that easy.  As long as we are consuming foods high in simple and complex carbohydrates, the body's energy needs are met so fat related weight loss can't happen. And further, the measure of calories in a food are generally less important than the source of the calories.

When 1 calorie is not equal to 1 calorie

In simple terms, a calorie is a measure of food/product energy.  We hear constantly about calories, how many calories to maintain weight, how many calories to lose weight, how many calories per serving and few people actually follow serving sizes related to calories because the serving sizes are quite small.

  • What is heard far too infrequently about calories is that it's not the calorie itself that should be of concern so much as the source of the calorie. 

For instance, 150 calories from a candy bar portion differs dramatically from 150 calories from an apple where the many ingredients of one contributes to weight gain while the natural ingredients of the latter to weight maintenance. 

  • It is the source of a calorie that really matters as a measure of food energy consumption that most significantly affects our weight, after sheer volume.

Reducing carbohydrates is not a solution

So why not drastically reduce simple and complex carbohydrates to lose weight without exercise? Even when we do significantly reduce carbohydrates in our foods, the body will go the next easiest source of energy, lean tissue and lastly, fat stores, so some weight loss will occur before the body automatically compensates for the reduced calories.

It may go against conventional wisdom that to lose weight without exercise is not possible,  You can reduce the qualities of foods consumed on a daily basis and initially you will lose some weight ... until your body automatically steps in to protect you from further weight loss!

The Starvation Response  

It is normal for the body to automatically react to reduced food intake and it's commonly called the starvation response.  In simple terms, the body responds by slowing the metabolism meaning it burns fewer calories.  The starvation response is an ancient ingrained trait of humans likely linked to food scarcity intended to preserve a reduced level of body function, and prolong life till more food is found. 

There are at least 3 common issues related to the starvation response:

  1. The slowed metabolism requires fewer calories to maintain the reduced body function so leftover calories consumed get stored as fat ... weight loss halts and may reverse to gains.
  2. Another problem with this approach is loss of lean tissue mass (muscles) which are the calorie burning engine of the body so you have reduced ability to burn calories, and reduced strength.
  3. For the 90%+ who do lose a few pounds, a return to old eating habits results in 100% fat related weight being regained.  You lose some muscle and bit of fat only to regain 100% fat.

Better results after our diet and nutrition program

Call to talk about your goals. We'll explain how we can help you reach your weight loss goals without exercise and also learn how to make better nutritional choices so you learn how to maintain your weight naturally.

You already know some exercise is essential to good health and we do recommend you add a favourite activity, after successfully completing our program. Walking daily is strongly recommended.

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