Bikini Ready Weight Loss Diet

Getting bikini swimsuit season ready & thinking about weight loss diets but don't want to exercise to lose the weight? While we recommend exercise (after a diet) this is the ideal no exercise diet that helps you shed fat related weight!

Bikini Ready Weight Loss Diet

A No Exercise Diet

Whether it's for a vacation south to the beaches, the cottage, out to the park or just to feel better about yourself, getting swimsuit ready doesn't have to be difficult which is why we offer the Ideal Protein diet.  While it's a no exercise diet, we do suggest you incorporate daily walks into your schedule!  Call for details!

Be Bikini Ready With The Ideal Diet

The bikini ready weight loss diet is a nutritionist supervised weight loss program using the Ideal Protein protocol that helps you burn fat related weight.  You can safely lose the weight you don’t want without exercise.

By the way, there is a very good reason for the exercise ban which we can explain, for those who just can't go a without some formal exercise, we can modify your diet protocol to help you avoid lean tissue loss.  

As a medically based protocol that really does recommend no exercise during the short weight loss phases of the diet, it's perfect if you have less than about 20 pounds or so to lose.  It is also very effective for those with bigger goals and the Ideal Protein Diet includes lifestyle education so you'll better understand the causes of weight gain which can help you make better decisions on weight maintenance.

There are 3 primary elements to this program with us:

  1. A carefully calibrated short term medically based weight loss diet
  2. Thorough nutrition & lifestyle education to address weight maintenance
  3. Professional nutritionist coaching

By the way, we've helped lots of people achieve their goals with this program so don't be put off by the bikini ready diet title.  This program is for anyone wanting to safely lose "fat" related weight, protect lean tissue and learn how food and lifestyle choices affect their weight!

After this no exercise weight loss diet, you may enjoy much better exercise results!

This program is a doctor developed, medically based, nutritionist supervised protocol originally designed for professional athletes to help them address unwanted fat related weight while protecting lean tissues (muscles).

Even professional athletes have to significantly moderate their exercise intensity during the short term weight loss phase of this diet to avoid muscle loss.

Once the unwanted fat related weight is gone, you should experience better results with your exercise & sports activities.

If you don't exercise, we recommend you adopt an activity you can enjoy after you've completed the program.  Daily walking is always encouraged.

An ideal bikini diet with nutrition education

The diet itself is intended as a short-term method to reduce fat related weight.  The part many women feel is the real bonus of the program is the strong focus on nutrition and lifestyle education designed to support weight maintenance.

When you understand what leads to weight gain and learn about food alternatives, you can make informed choices that support weight maintenance.  With a registered nutritionist as your coach, you get the Ideal Protein weight loss protocol, on-going personal support and professional nutrition and lifestyle education.

Get Bikini ready with the Ideal Protein Diet Program ...

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