Top 10 Healthy Food Alternatives

These top 10 healthy food product alternatives to common processed foods will help maintain energy, weight and enrich your quality of life

Top 10 health foods & products

The real benefits of good health can not be achieved until body friendly health foods & products are reviewed and adopted as part of your daily lifestyle nutritional choices.

These Top 10 Health foods & products have a tremendous impact on your ability to get and stay well over the long-term.

In addition, the health foods & products you choose everyday determine if you WILL have lots of energy, regular bowel movements (203/day) or suffer from fatigue, headaches, constipation, stiffness and joint pain.

Health foods & products

Today, there are a lot of choices in terms of the foods you consume and the products your ingest and use.  This page is focused on helping you simplify you selection of health foods & products so you'll not only get good value for your dollar, your health will be strengthened and you'll feel and look better.

These Top 10 Health Foods & Products that will improve your health when you've made them an important part of your every day.  They deliver taste, nutrition, texture and color and are simple to adopt so just apply the recommendations slowly over days and weeks.  Ideally, we should all completely replace any current highly processed foods we consume but that's not realistic, or fun. 

Leave some room for those food treats, just don't make them the main course.  So, here are the top 10 nutritional selections for you to consider adopting in your life

Top 10 processed food alternatives

  • #1    Refined Sugar - replace with natural cane sugar
  • #2    Margarine - replace with good old fashioned butter
  • #3    Table Salt - replace with natural Sea Salt
  • #4    Dairy - replace with Beans, nuts, sesame seeds, tahini, salmon, sardines ...
  • #5    Canned veggies/fruit - eat live food equivalents (many more nutrients)
  • #6    Frozen veggies/fruit - eat live food equivalents (many more nutrients)
  • #7    Soft drinks - good clean reverse osmosis water
  • #8    Pasta - replace with brown rice pasta
  • #9    Whole Wheat - replace with organic whole grains without wheat
  • #10  Food Labels - Read Them !  Look for low fat, low sugar, low sodium

When you read the labels on packaged foods, look for the above point (#10) but also look at the ingredients and note that if sugar or an artificial sweetener in the first 3 or 4 ingredients, that's too much sugar. 

Artificial sweeteners are the worst of sweeteners and besides their chemical content, they contribute to weight gain!

For an all natural sweetener that has half the calories and is actually beneficial, see our Diabetic Friendly Xylitol treats page...

When you make the top 10 health foods & products part of your everyday lifestyle, you'll notice your health improving, tastes appreciating real foods again and experience better energy. 

About water consumption

Most people don't get enough fresh clean water every day.  Juice, coffee, soft drinks do not count when it comes to feeding your body its essential fluid, water.  More on water & symptoms of dehydration ...

Water - drink enough.  wt. in lbs. divided by 2.  Divide result by 8 = # of 8 oz. glasses per day

Veggie food preparation tip

Hot Tip: Steaming Vs. Boiling Your Vegetables - When you boil your veggies, over 75% of the nutrients are lost to the boiling water however when you lightly steam them, you'll preserve most of the plants natural nutritional value so we suggest you steam your veggies or begin to eat 5x more boiled!

Food alternatives everyone should choose

1 Eat foods that don't have a barcode!

2 Shop the perimeter of your grocery Store (and avoid the inner isles)!

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