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Answering "how long will I live" is the life expectancy calculator. It estimates with a true age test based on your health, habits, vitality & lifestyle choices 1

How long you live will certainly be the result of the disciplines you follow, the choices you make, your level of happiness and a lifestyle that includes helping others.

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1 Let's be honest about "how long will I live" and the true age test

Your true age is a reflection of your health, happiness and lifestyle choices in life. The Life Expectancy Calculator is a True Age Test that estimates the approximate life expectancy of someone of your physical age based on the lifestyle choices you are making.

A true age test with the life expectancy calculator & true age test is at best a guess but it does ask some of the important questions that can in part answer your question "how long will I live".   And it's not just about "how long will I live", it's also about how well will you will live those years because there is little joy in a life filled with symptoms of illness, fatigue, pain and misery.

These 4 hazards will influence how long you'll live so you really need to know

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2 healthy ideas to help you live longer

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