Muscle Testing Training Course

The Muscle Testing Training Course is a focused 1-on-1 workshop where the student learns the theory, method and application of this applied kinesiology skill

Muscle Testing Training Course

The Muscle Testing Training Workshop, sometime referred to as bio-kinesiology, is a simple yet very powerful tool to accurately assess the body’s natural tendency to accept or reject needs, aids, products or intentions which influence decisions on health, success, happiness and a better quality of life.

Modern science has validated this mind-body link and muscle testing has a wide spectrum of use.  This workshop introduces students to the core theory, methodology and hands-on techniques that enables them to apply it in their own life, practice or related endeavor.

  • Which foods agree with my body? 
  • Will those herbs help me?
  • Will this food strengthen me?
  • Is this the right choice for me? 
  • Endless possibilities!

Muscle testing by-passes conscious thought which enables it to directly access the brain.  The unconscious or sub-conscious brain is active 24 hours a day, does not judge as it accepts and processes what is, in real time.  Muscle testing taps into this powerful source.

This course was developed by our Holistic Health Practitioner based on a body of education and knowledge and practice experience spanning 20 years.  As a trainer, students have access to a massive body of related knowledge and real examples.

Muscle testing accesses the worlds most powerful computer ... the human mind

Muscle testing techniques are fast becoming a main-stream modality for determining all manner of circumstance. By accessing the body’s own computer, the brain and its circuits of interaction with organs, muscles and diverse body tissues, muscle testing can determine or test for the internal integrity and balance of the body and mind entity.

Muscle Testing Training Course Scope

Learn the basics of muscle testing and you'll be empowered with an exceptionally intuitive ability to assess a wide range of physical and thinking situations

  • Learn exactly how and why muscle testing is so effective
  • Understand how and why the powerful subconscious mind influences results
  • Practice muscle testing skills to learn and experience its potential
  • Master this powerful, effective and all natural non-invasive assessment skill
  • Muscle Testing Course Manual
  • Muscle Testing Practitioner Certificate of Accomplishment

Go head, get inspired!  This fast paced workshop on muscle testing is fun, motivating and filled with practical tips and examples you can use right away.  You will quickly "get it" and experience countless "ahh haaas" so go head, get inspired!  Intense, fun and motivating!

Q. Who is the muscle testing training course for? 

A. Anyone with a thirst for knowledge, appetite for wellness & love of living!

In fact, muscle testing has widespread application for trainers, practitioners, nutritionists, therapists and coaches who are interested in optimizing results for others.  Useful in private life, powerful in private practice.

Note: Muscle testing is included in the Level III Holistic Practitioner Course ...

Course Fee: $ 179.00

Course Time: 1.5 Hours 1-on-1 Student - Instructor

Course Prerequisite: none

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