Holistic Health Care Awareness

Holistic Health Practitioner Diane McLaren and her team of natural health professionals is making holistic health awareness in Canada easy through a personalized approach to natural healing and wellness that anyone can learn, practice and enjoy excellent results. 

  • Forget the restrictive diets, food charts or calorie counting
  • Get absolute clarity on what foods promote wellness
  • Discover education that makes nutritional eating enjoyable
  • Learn how your choice affect your health and wellness
  • Understand why pharmaceutical (and food) marketing techniques are keeping people sick

Listening To Your Body's Call For Help

Symptoms of illness are not normal at any age and through them (allergies, pain, fatigue, constipation, etc.) your body is telling you it needs specific attention. 

Modern methods of non-life threatening basic health care and treatments in Canada & USA have increasingly relied on drugs designed to suppress symptoms rather than address the deficiencies in the body that are causing them.  There is little true preventive health care in the western medical system.

Typical Western Health Care (simplified): 

You go to see your doctor (if you have one else it's off to emergency), the appointment lasts a few minutes, they listen to your complaints (symptoms) then give you a prescription and you are out of there.   You have no opportunity to call for follow-up without another appointment, your doctor will not be counselling you on your progress nor even follow-up to see how you are doing.  Repeat.

Typical Holistic Health Care (simplified): 

You go to see your alternative health consultant /practitioner and he/she spends 60-90 minutes to understand what your complaints are, conducts tests to determine why they are occurring then develops a nutritional sound program that directly addresses your concerns so they do not reoccur.

Which Form Of Health Care Do You Think Delivers Better Results?

Pharmaceutical companies heavily promote their drug solutions including suggesting they are preventative health measures through direct to you marketing techniques on TV.  They often take a lifestyle approach that uses fear as a catalyst for you to ask for a prescription from your doctor. 

Next time you see a pharmaceutical ad on TV, really listen to what they say and the benefits and the significant side effects they obliged by law to tell you about. 

We believe pharmaceutical companies may not be acting with our best interests in mind!

Making A Holistic You Possible

  • If you are mostly healthy, OTC and prescribed drugs generally offer limited benefits and in too many cases introduce far more serious side effects than may inhibit your ability to enjoy long-term health and wellness
  • There are many low cost/no cost natural alternatives that help you directly address symptoms of illness and our alternative health consultant wants to share those simple solutions with you

Pharmaceuticals have a place ... but not in healthy people

For years pharmaceutical companies have been expanding their markets by widening the definitions of many diseases to include more and more mostly healthy people, underwriting our doctor's continuing education and massive funding of studies that support their products.

4 Out Of 5 Doctor's Agree ...

Ever hear that line in a commercial?  It's a common tag line but if you investigate, the 4 that agree typically have some financial relationship with the manufacturer, so of course they agree.  What do you think would happen if you constantly disagreed with your employer who pays you?

We should all be grateful for the massive advances in lifesaving medications and procedures that improve the lives of thousands.  Yet for millions of people in Canada, their needs may be more effectively and safely addressed if they realized that their everyday health and wellness is entirely dependent on how their everyday choices directly influence how well their body systems work efficiently in balance.

  • Pain, allergies, PMS, menopause, cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and much more can be dramatically improved through a holistic approach to health and wellness. 
  • A holistic approach to health is quite simply a view on the body as a whole and solutions that help the individual body systems attain balance thereby alleviating the symptoms of illness.

Take Charge Of Your Health

Discover for yourself just how effectively a holistic approach to your health can address concerns and free you to pursue your life's ambitions, energized and free of the worry of illness.

There are a lot of people who struggle to overcome recurring symptoms of illness without much success, and if are one of them, you may be frustrated. 

We invite your inquiry.