Biochemical Blood Analysis

The Biochemical Blood Analysis Technique utilizes recognized analysis of the results to calculate a personalized outcome and to link chemical or nutritional imbalances with organs and glands in order to pinpoint the cause.

Biochemical Blood Analysis

Balancing your nutrition through an evaluation of your blood test is an advanced procedure.  

It enables you to identify and address the root cause of issues, rather than chasing symptoms or guessing.

Biochemical Blood Analysis correlates body functions and conditions, as well as glandular imbalances to determine appropriate nutritional and supplement program.

Biochemical Blood Analysis Of Lab Results

The technique involves the analysis of lab results and consultation with you on the outcome (results) explaining exactly what was going on with the internal mechanisms of your personal chemical makeup? 

Biochemical Blood Analysis typically includes an in-depth analysis of the balance and influence of one organ on another, what foods are best for your specific metabolic type, what nutritional food supplements would be beneficial for you to take with the objective of bringing balance back to your chemistry.

Biochemical Blood Analysis Technique

Diane McLaren is a holistic health practitioner well trained in the techniques and procedures of the Biochemical Blood Analysis Technique.

While Biochemical Blood Analysis is not typical of an initial consultation, based on findings, we may elect to utilize these advanced methods from time to time.

On rare occasions, Biochemical Blood Analysis test results may be required to assess certain conditions while consulting on a natural health program