Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness coaching is provided by our wellness coaches who assesses your present goals, lifestyle, health & nutrition and align with programs that help you experience remarkable results.

Health & Wellness Coaching

A personal health & wellness coach can show you how to stop wondering what's going on in your body and address it nutritionally so you can get on with enjoying your life.  

When you make a choice for wellness, your personal wellness coach will help you succeed.

Wouldn't it be great find a qualified personal wellness coach that you could trust to take the time to listen to you, really understand your concerns, your goals and had the knowledge and experience to support your quest for improved health and wellness.

What is wellness ...

Health & wellness coaching services are available locally at our wellness centres in Mississauga (near Oakville, Brampton & Toronto GTA) or by phone or Skype across Canada.

Call (905) 855-3000 for information on our personal wellness coaching services.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself how your nutrition & lifestyle choices may be impacting your ability to achieve and enjoy good health

  • Does your busy lifestyle leave you little time to deal with your health?
  • Are western solutions letting you down?
  • Do you know how to nutritionally supplement and fine-tune your food choices to optimize your health?
  • Could you use some solid advice and guidance on nutrition and alternative health care options but don't know who to contact?
  • Do you want a simple, easy to follow health and nutrition plan that works for you & your family?
  • Would having someone you could trust to answer your questions be of value?

Put A Wellness Coach On Your Team

If you answered "yes" to one of the questions above, then our exclusive and unique Personal Wellness Coaching Services can be of value to you. 

  • Expert advice and guidance from a Wellness Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner will help you learn how you can feel good, look great and live well, naturally.
  • Get a personal blueprint of your health as it is, then work with your wellness coach to develop a health and nutrition plan that reflects your goals and your body's actual needs. 
  • A personal blueprint of your health defines the baseline of where you are today and through the direction and knowledgeable guidance of our coaching programs, you will learn exactly how to achieve lasting wellness.
  • A Wellness Coach will help you learn the essential why and how life skills that empower you with the knowledge to make good simple health and nutrition decisions that contribute to long-term wellness, for you and your family. 

With Wellness Coaching,  it's easy for  you to take advantage of the many benefits of our in-office programs and enjoy the convenient of by-phone counselling and coaching options that empower you with the know-how and willpower to achieve and enjoy a great state of health while you keep the fun in your life.

Adress symptoms that rob you of energy, vitality and the radiance of youth

You can slow the hands of time, manage body weight, address pain, fatigue and reduce your health risks to pursue and enjoy your life’s true passions, but you have to take the first step.

Discuss your needs with a personal wellness coach and determine what's best for you. These unique body balancing holistic health care programs focus on you and your individual needs through an exclusive yet simple approach to health and wellness based on the 9 pillars of well-being.  

Natural alternatives and support on a wide variety of needs including:

  • Women's and men's unique health and nutrition needs
  • Healthy weight loss with long-term weight maintenance
  • Natural body cleansing, detoxification & rejuvenation
  • Enhanced energy & restoral of vitality
  • Natural anti aging & renewal
  • Body endurance & illness prevention
  • Children’s & teen health
  • Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,  Fibromyalgia and many more conditions

How wellness coaching programs work

Every wellness coaching program combines simplicity, clarity, education, guidance and an unwavering passion for your success so you achieve exceptional results through a structured 6-step approach:

  • Step 1 The Balanced Body Methodology
  • Step 2 In-depth Body Systems Analysis (diet, nutrition, nutrients, lifestyle)
  • Step 3 Current & Historical Health Review
  • Step 4 Define & Establish Your Realistic Goals
  • Step 5 Design Your Personal Program
  • Step 6 Program Coaching, Guidance and Support

Your Wellness Coach

A wellness coach appeals to people in all states of health and gives you a plan that will turbo charge your health and long-term wellness

  • People who want to slow and reverse the effects of aging, address specific illnesses, optimize weight loss, achieve better exercise results and dramatically improve overall well-being find a wellness coach ideal. 
  • Generally healthy people want to take preventative measures to stay healthy. 
  • Fit athletes who want to optimize their performance and endurance. 

Personal Wellness coaching delivers a natural plan with the inspiration and motivation for anyone seeking a path to better health and wellness.  We all have something in common: we want to feel good, look great and live our lives to the fullest.