Habit Of Health And Wellness

Do you have good eating habits? How do you know if the foods & nutritional supplements you always take are working.  Of course one way is to stop and listen to your body: When You Feel Good, You Do Good

Habit of Health & Wellness

Life is full of adventure and discovery, but to truly enjoy those adventures can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have lingering health concerns like low energy and fatigue.

The Habit of Health is a unique and flexible approach to wellness that gives you the essential daily nutrients that build a strong nutritional foundation.

Learn the habits of health & wellness

Many companies want you to believe that the solution to all your wellness needs can be found in one little pill, a tablet, a capsule or one sip of (some newly discovered) nutritional juice.

You are far more complex that that!

Your body is an intricate combination of tissues, organs and systems.

Each body system has special needs that must be addressed to achieve an optimal state of balance. We help people develop the essential habits of well-being.

Healthy habits will help you be and feel your best every day, naturally.  Here's a few natural products you might want to consider when changing your habits of wellness.  If you want to develop a formal program with nutritional coaching that can help you kick the old habits, please call.

Essential Fibre Nutritional Supplement

Fibre is vital in supporting intestinal function and proper digestion, which helps you get the most out of the foods you eat. It adds bulk to the diet and promotes regularity. Fibre has also been found to help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of colon cancer. The recommended daily intake of fibre is 25-40 grams, yet studies show that most people consume less than half of that amount.

Essential Fibre - Fat GrabbersFAT GRABBERS (120)
Vital Health #2946-3 (120)

essential fibre

Super Omega-3 Nutritional Supplement

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are just that, essential. Your body uses them in a variety of ways to support the nervous system, improve circulation and even build healthy cells. Omega-3 fatty acids regulate heart rhythm, keep arteries from clogging and help maintain a healthy bloodstream. They improve the function of cells that line the arteries and reduce cholesterol. With so many benefits, it’s surprising that 8 out of 10 people don’t get enough EFAs in their diet.

Super Omega 3 Cap

Vital Health #1515-7


Garden Essence Plant Enzymes Nutritional Supplement

Enzymes are specialized proteins that help accelerate necessary chemical reactions within the body. Digestive enzymes work to transform foods into simpler, more usable materials. All the food and nutritional supplements you consume won’t be as beneficial if they are not sufficiently broken down and absorbed by the body. Enzymes unlock the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and proteins and put them to work inside the body.

Garden Essence Plant EnzymesGarden Essence Enzymes (100)
Vital Health #1643-9

Melatonin EXTRA

Bifidophilus Flora Force Probiotics Nutritional Supplement

The human body is home to a host of microorganisms that work together with the body to create and maintain optimal health. Probiotics are dietary supplements that contain these helpful microorganisms that work to improve overall healthy. Probiotics are most prominent in the intestinal system. They act as natural health promoters by populating the gastrointestinal tract with friendly microbes which strengthens intestinal defenses, boosts immunity and promotes greater health on several levels.

Bifidophilus Flora Force ProbioticsBifidophilus Flora Force Probiotics (90)
Vital Health #4080-4

Bifidophilus Flora Force Probiotics

Liquid Chlorophyll Nutritional Supplement

In plants, chlorophyll absorbs sunlight and converts that energy into life-sustaining carbohydrates. Structurally, chlorophyll is amazingly similar to hemoglobin, the red pigment in human blood. Due to this similarity, chlorophyll provides most of the raw ingredients required to make healthy, vibrant red blood cells in the human body. Chlorophyll supports the body’s immune response, promotes circulatory healthy and has amazing pH balancing benefits.

Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll (946 ml)
Vital Health #1689-6

Melatonin EXTRA

Antioxidant Supplement

Antioxidants are a special class of nutrients that protect your body against harmful free radicals. Left unchecked, free radicals cause cellular damage that may lead to an impaired immune system and a host of our health concerns. Antioxidants may also help reduce heart disease, and they work to heal and maintain healthy, flexible cell membranes. The National Academy of Sciences recommends five or more servings of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables per day. With today’s standard diet rich in processed foods, most people consume far less.

Zambroza Natural Antioxidant Supplement JuiceZambroza 3- Pack
Vital Health #4104-13 (3 x 15oz)

Zambroza 3- Pack

Super Trio Multivitamin & Minerals Supplement

Vitamins and minerals are the basic building blocks of a healthy body and greatly impact your overall health. They may help reduce diabetic tendencies, lower colon cancer risk and reduce the risk of heart disease. Many vitamins and minerals also help the body overcome the effects of stress. Studies show that, with the increasing prevalence of processed and refined foods, less than five percent of the world gets enough vitamins and minerals from their diet.

Super Trio Multivitamin & MineralsSuper Trio Multivitamin & Minerals (60 PACKETS)
Herbal Combination
Digestive System/Vital Health #20-5 (120) (#3035-9 in USA)

Super Trio Multivitamin & Minerals

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