What Does Health Have To Do With Happiness?

New Years is a time when people frequently resolve to implement one or more meaningful resolutions.  For many, making a resolution tends to be easier said than done, but it does not have to be!

You will probably agree; lots of people do make new year resolutions with the best of intentions and probably notice that others never do.  In the majority of cases the results tend to be the same for both; nothing really changes!

If you would like to be substantially happier in the coming months, why not focus on making a new you instead of fretting about a new year resolution by slowly becoming an improved version of you, a Happier And Healthier You!

How can you become happier in your life?

When you move your body toward a healthy state of natural balance, you begin to enjoy everything in your life at a different and better level and it would be absolutely impossible for you not to feel and look happier!

What do you have to gain when you are healthier?

  • You have more energy to do what needs doing all day long
  • You have more vitality for hobbies and recreational activities
  • You have more fun doing everything because you just feel better
  • You have more pride in yourself and your accomplishments
  • You have more satisfaction being in control of your life

What happens to you when you feel good?

  • You find that even the grey days have a silver lining e.g. the glass is always half full
  • You think of the world around you in a different, more optimistic light
  • You notice it is easier to see the positive in the people around you
  • You reflect success and observe how much easier it is to positively influence others
  • You see your own reflection in the mirror and note the youthful optimism in your face and eyes

Of course the opposite is true when you do not feel well!

  • With less energy, everything requires more effort. Just think back to the last time you may have had a headache, a backache, joint pain, the cold, flu or allergies, pms and so on?  Were you able to be happy?  Did you feel good about yourself?
  • There is less fun because most people will feel more cranky, irritable, grouchy, crabby, sulky and grumpy when they are not feeling well or in pain.  Think how others are influenced too.
  • When the mind is occupied with the hardships of pain or illness, it is impossible to enjoy true happiness.

Learning how to feel better is easier than you may think!

  1. Face your situation by becoming aware of where you are and how you got there
  2. Take some time to understand it, or at least part of it
  3. Decide if you really do want to change your present situation
  4. If you do want to change your situation, start by making a simple plan
  5. Take that first (small) step then the next one and all that follow will be easier.

Here is a workbook that will help you build your own plan (pdf)...

You can take control of your future health and happiness right now by following the steps above. If you would like help getting started and want some the motivation to keep you going forward, I can help you discover a natural approach that will dramatically improve every area of your life.  Check out my 90 Day Wellness Program offer below.

  • Make 2009 different by doing something different!
  • Make 2009 deliver more abundance in your life! 
  • Make 2009 your personal turning point!
  • Make 2009 your healthiest, happiest, best ever!

By starting to make the small changes that deliver positive changes in yourself, you will change the world around you, you will become an example to others because people will notice.  In fact, you will find that your family and friends will say - I can do that too - making you an inspiration to others.

My mission as a natural health practitioner and wellness coach is to educate and inspire people to take control of their health (and in turn their life) and to encourage you to take one small step forward  … to take those little actions that can make such a positive, lasting difference in your life.

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you to be in 12 months?
  • I can help you get there!

Make the next 12 months you best ever, in as little as 90 days!

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