Weight Loss Program & IP Clinic Comparisons

Weight Loss Program & Clinic Comparisons

When it comes to weight loss program and clinic comparisons, the cost per pound and results can vary widely, and that can have a big impact on your budget. 

Compare weight loss programs and clinics by asking questions before you commit.  Also consider weight maintenance after the program, is there a clear program that teaches you the essential nutrition and lifestyle information needed for maintenance? 

Do they know what they are talking about? How long have they been in business?  Will they be there when you need them?  Lots of questions!

The cost per pound can be hazardous to your wallet

The wrong clinic can frustrate you with slow/poor results!

A weight loss program can be very expensive if you lose the weight, then regain it all!  Your weight loss program and clinic comparisons should inform you of the protocol, what you can expect, staff expertise, all the costs of the program you are investigating as well as cost and support after the weight is lost. 

Do consider the cost per pound which tells you the direct cost of the program but remember it does not tell you how successful you'll be, particularly if you regain all the weight, or more which is unfortunately an experience many report!

Make weight loss program & clinic comparisons by asking ...

  • What is your weight loss goal? Weight loss is a challenge so to stay motivated, be realistic!
  • How much is it and what quality of support will you receive?
  • Do you have access to a registered nutritionist?  Are they your coach?
  • Is there one-on-one support?  How often do you have access to one-on-one support? 
  • Is your weight loss coach trained or part-times with other office duties?  How long has the weight loss coach been coaching?  How much weight is lost per week?  What is the average client weight lost per week not including the 1st week?  Are you pressured to decide and buy?
  • What is the cost for the program? Are there any extras or hidden costs?  Is there a weekly cost, monthly or annual membership cost?  Is there an upfront program cost?  Is there a food coast?  What is the cost per pound?  What are the extras, the options?  Are there upsells on extra products or services necessary to improve the weight loss program?
  • Is your lifestyle part of the plan? Do they give you the one-size fits all plan from the book? Can they modify the plan for your particular situation? 
  • What happens if you run into difficulties, how do they help?  Can you modify the program to suite your tastes?  Can the program be modified for vegan/vegetarian needs?
  • For products that are essential to your program, and success, do they carry lots of inventory or do you have to pre-order? Is off the shelf (barring back-orders).  Is it priced fairly?  Did you ask to drop in to look around?  Is the clinic busy?  Are the selves stocked? Are the bathrooms clean?  Was there any restriction on when you could drop in?
  • Can you follow the program while travelling or on vacation?  Understand how the program works on a daily basis.  Can you take foods with you?  Is there a process to support those who need to travel often.  Can the program be followed if you have a hectic lifestyle or entertain clients frequently? 
  • What is the maintenance cost? After weight loss, what is the weekly weight maintenance cost?  How long does it last and what's involved?  What education is provided, at what cost?  What on-going support is available, at what cost?  If you need to restart the program, can you and what is the cost?
  • What is the program contract? If you do not like the program, can you quite without further cost?  If you do not like the initial consultation can you walk out without cost?  If there is a cost to quit, what is it?

You'll no doubt have many of your own questions so ask away and be sure you are choosing the weight loss program that fits your lifestyle, safely gets the results you want and leaves you with the confidence and knowledge to maintain it easily for life. 

In the end and after you get the answers to your questions, who was the most complete in responding, how effective were they in understanding your needs, did you feel pressure to make a decision, were your comfortable?  Did they want you as a client?

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