The Power Of Team Co-authored by Diane McLaren

The Power Of Team - Wake Up ... Live The Life You Love, Co-Author Diane McLaren

Wake Up Love The Life You Live Co-Author Diane McLaren

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The Power of Team

There are so many who climb the steep, frustrating, lonely path to success without ever reaching the pinnacle.

They plan and strive and dream of happiness without growing one step closer to the most accessible of all human joys.

Even if they give it everything they have, there is still only so much they can achieve. We all have our strengths, but we also have weaknesses. When we team up we can help each other by supporting our weaknesses and utilizing our strengths.

But great teams don’t just occur. While chance and good luck sometimes enter into the equation, you have to understand the dynamics of team in order to guide the growth and direction of the people who will support your achievement.

This collection of essays will show the importance of team, networking and cooperation.  Copyright 2008

From The Senior Editors Desk

Please extend our congratulations to the authors for a very useful, inspiring, and tightly focused book -- perhaps one of the best this series has ever seen.

Robert A. Valentine

Senior Editor,
"Wake Up . . . Live the Life You Love" series Publisher,
New Caledonian Press