Holistic Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical body healing is a holistic approach that recognizes the mind body connection in natural healing programs promotes long-term wellness.

Holistic Metaphysical Mind Body Connection

No it`s not mumbo jumbo!  When it comes to holistic metaphysical body healing and your health, it's all about the choices you make daily and in the words of Hippocrates: "Your body has the ability to heal itself if it's given what it needs" so don't shy away from the idea of holistic metaphysical mind body healing - it`s really about what`s possible through a mind and body connection.

Notice the benefits when people confined to a retirement home have contact with dogs or cats.  Notice how they visibly react, brighten up, when young people are volunteering.  Little wonder that even the western approach to health now (finally) recognizes the relationships of healing and recovery to a positive mental attitude as being essential.  It's powerful.

Metaphysics in philosophy

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the ultimate nature of reality, being, and the world.  Its name derives from the Greek words metá (meaning "after") and (physiká) (meaning "those on nature"), "those on nature" referring to those works on nature by Aristotle in antiquity. - Source Wikipedia

  • In simple terms, our holistic metaphysical body healing approach will show you how to feel good, look great and live well long into the 21st century.  
  • Uncover the why of your present health and the how of your future wellness - that's the metaphysical body healing potential of a mind body connection. 
  • With focused attention and guidance, you'll learn how your personal determination plays a key role in your health and understand how to easily control it. 
  • Holistic metaphysical body healing sounds new age, but it's really thousands of years old.   Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) draws on the metaphysical healing potential of a mind and body connection as do many other philosophies.
  • A holistic mind body connection gets results and modern science has increasingly recognized the necessity of the mind body connection in healing.

A path to natural health and wellness

When you consider our holistic mind & body healing approach, you learn how to easily get on the path to wellness with practical education, expert guidance, effective recommendations and personal support so you can be and stay healthy. 

  • Schedule flexibility: holistic counselling services are available in person and/or by phone so you can decide what works best for you.  
  • The focus is on your needs: Alternative Health Care Counselling is based on your personal objectives and is delivered on your own terms
  • Simplicity of approach: you can be healthy on your own terms just by choosing a holistic health care program that suites your needs and sense of urgency, naturally.
  • Motivating you: If weight is a concern, our Slimming Clubs program will help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight through healthy weight loss, personal motivation and a balanced body.  This applies to all holistic counselling services on any health concern.
  • Empowering you: by learning how to strengthen and build your mind & body connection naturally, you'll learn that you have direct control over pain, headaches, joint inflammation as well as healing muscle injury, improved exercise results, faster injury recovery, etc.
  • Educating you: You'll learn why accelerating your nutrient absorption and waste elimination through safe and natural solutions is essential to your health and well-being,
  • You'll see the difference: Notice your personal appearance and complexion improve as your body regains a more natural state of balance
  • You'll feel the difference: wake up refreshed and full of energy, and know why
  • You'll know the difference: expand your body mind connection naturally with courses & workshops focused on your interests and desire to know more of the what, why & how.

Unleash your natural body healing abilities

Thinking processes are always reflected in the physical body so knowing that holistic metaphysical body healing begins in both your conscious and unconscious thoughts empowers you to have a direct and profound impact on your every-day state of health & well-being. 

  • Holistic metaphysical body healing is really just believing that you can be well and then supporting your body with actions that that will lead to good health and lasting wellness. 
  • A holistic metaphysical approach to body healing is easily learned and applied so it is appropriate for anyone's everyday lifestyle. 
  • We show you how and why, which leaves you with everything to gain!